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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... H2O ice cream!!

Ice cream needs no introduction.  It makes adults stand upward inwards draw of piece of occupation for one-half an hour, as well as it makes kids sew as well as downward the block.  Ice cream makes us smiling when nosotros consume it, as well as outcry when it falls on the sidewalk.  The average American eats xiii pounds of it a year, upward from three pounds per twelvemonth i century agone (1).

Ice cream's might over us emphasizes its extreme vantage value as well as palatability.  Its attractiveness comes from the combination of emulsified fat, sugar, a squeamish texture, a pleasant flavor, as well as the mutual coldness sensation inwards the mouth.

It's no coincidence that H2O ice cream is i of the most normally sold snack foods, frequently placed close the checkout counter inwards convenience stores where it volition maximize the run a jeopardy of an impulse buy.  Ice cream melts inwards the mouth, leaving no solids to fill upward the tum as well as thence providing really trivial satiety per calorie eaten.  It's perfectly designed to select pleasance without fullness, as well as so you lot don't accept to cease eating.

The best affair virtually H2O ice cream is that it helps you lot lose weight, equally explained inwards this advertising sponsored past times the saccharide industry:



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