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Myth: In That Place Is No Impairment Inward Having Tvs Inward Our Bedrooms.

Answer: BUSTED!

It’s easier to autumn asleep piece watching TV when it is inwards your bedroom, which may audio similar a skillful thing, precisely this tin truly disrupt slumber patterns as well as travail fatigue. It’s a bad habit as well as contributes to the high total of covert fourth dimension nosotros already bailiwick ourselves to on a daily basis.

Did yous know that the average mortal inwards the U.S. watches to a greater extent than than 36 hours of TV a week? Very immature children (2 to five twelvemonth olds) scout 25 hours of TV a calendar week piece older youth (8 to xviii years) scout almost 4½ hours of TV a day! Almost iii inwards iv (71%) of 8 to xviii twelvemonth olds convey a TV inwards their bedroom.
s easier to autumn asleep piece watching TV when it is inwards your sleeping accommodation Myth: There is no terms inwards having TVs inwards our bedrooms.

Can all this covert fourth dimension hold upwards skillful for us? Too much covert time, which includes watching TV, playing video games or using the computer, way nosotros are spending less fourth dimension beingness active. When nosotros scout TV nosotros run across many ads for foods high inwards fatty as well as saccharide which may influence our nutrient choices, specially for immature children. And, equally stated above, watching TV at nighttime to autumn asleep truly causes slumber disruptions.

So what’s a solid unit of measurement to do? Here are to a greater extent than or less tips to aid yous ‘play more, scout less:’

►Use the upcoming National Screen-Free Week, Apr 29 – May 5, 2013, equally a way to kickoff changing your family’s covert habits. Get together equally a solid unit of measurement to write a listing of things to create other than watching TV or spending fourth dimension inwards front end of a screen. Post these ideas on the fridge as well as kickoff making them purpose of your regular routine.

►Turn the TV off during solid unit of measurement meals as well as verbalize almost everyone’s day. Keep the TV off when no 1 is watching. Need to a greater extent than or less background noise? Turn on the radio.

►Create an activeness box as well as seat it past times the door. It’s a way to remind everyone to hold upwards to a greater extent than active instead of watching TV. Items yous tin seat inwards the box include jump ropes, balls, athletic shoes, scarves (for throwing inwards the air indoors).

For to a greater extent than ideas for adults, families as well as youth, banking concern lucifer out the MU Extension publication ‘Play more, Watch Less.’ You tin download the PDF past times clicking on the link.

Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933


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