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Speaking At Ahs13

The 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium volition endure held inwards Atlanta, GA, August 14-17.  Last twelvemonth was a corking conference, in addition to I await forrad to to a greater extent than informative talks in addition to networking.  Tickets larn fast, in addition to then reserve yours now if you lot conception to attend!

This year, I'll endure speaking on insulin in addition to obesity.  My beak volition endure titled "Insulin in addition to Obesity: Reconciling Conflicting Evidence".  In this talk, I'll introduce the testify for in addition to against the persuasion that elevated insulin contributes to the evolution of obesity.  One hypothesis states that elevated insulin contributes to obesity, piece the other states that elevated insulin is caused yesteryear obesity in addition to does non contribute to it.  Both sides of the fighting introduce testify that appears compelling, in addition to it oft seems similar each side is talking yesteryear the other rather than trying to contain all of the testify into a larger, to a greater extent than powerful model.

There's a lot testify that tin give notice endure brought to deport upon this question, only much of it hasn't reached Blue Planet yet.  I'll explore a wide swath of testify from clinical instance studies, observational studies, controlled trials, fauna research, physiology, in addition to jail cellular telephone biological scientific discipline to essay the ii competing hypotheses in addition to outline a model that tin give notice explicate all of the seemingly conflicting data.  Much of this information hasn't appeared on this blog.  My finish is to seat together a beak that volition endure informative to a researcher only likewise accessible to an informed layperson.

On a form note, my AHS12 beak "Digestive Health, Inflammation in addition to the Metabolic Syndrome" has non been posted online because the video recording of my beak has mysteriously disappeared.  I mean value many WHS readers would endure interested inwards the talk, since it covers enquiry on the of import in addition to interdependent influence of gut health, inflammation, in addition to psychological stress on the metabolic syndrome (the quintessential modern metabolic disorder).  I'm going to endeavor to notice fourth dimension to brand a narrated slideshow in addition to then I tin give notice postal service it on YouTube.


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