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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... beer!!

Beer is a fermented drinkable primarily made from malted barley, hops as well as water.  Barley is a perfect grain for brewing because it contains the enzymes necessary to suspension downwards its ain starches into sugar, making them accessible to alcohol-producing yeast.

Beer is the principal alcoholic drinkable inwards much of Northern Europe as well as North America.  It's pop because it's a highly rewarding beverage.  This is slowly to demonstrate.  Most people honor beer repulsive the laid about fourth dimension they seek out it, because it's bitter.  Yet most people gradually come upwards to savor beer, unremarkably quite a lot.  This is due to the behavior-reinforcing (rewarding) number of the drug it contains (ethanol), likewise every bit its additional saccharide calories.  The encephalon gradually causes yous to savor the flavour paired alongside the drug as well as calories.

As a affair of fact, most people eat beer when they're neither thirsty nor hungry, as well as sometimes they eat it to excess, resulting inwards nausea as well as drunk-dialing ex-girlfriends.  We eat it, as well as the substantial number of calories it contains, because it's rewarding as well as pleasurable.  Think well-nigh this: i 12-ounce tin forcefulness out of Budweiser contains 146 calories.  If a somebody drinks iv of those inwards an evening, that's 584 calories that she didn't need-- the equivalent of a large dessert.  On piece of occupation yesteryear of it, alcohol increases hunger as well as decreases the mightiness to brand constructive choices well-nigh food, leading to to a greater extent than overeating of unhealthy calorie-dense food.

None of this agency nosotros should completely avoid beer, as well as inwards fact a petty fleck of alcohol may genuinely move healthy, simply moderation is inwards order.  Cutting dorsum on alcohol is a low-hanging fruit inwards whatever fatty loss effort.

In 2013, drugs are a major driver of calorie intake inwards the absence of hunger.  These are to a greater extent than oftentimes than non calories nosotros don't need.  Alcohol is the biggest one, simply java as well as tea are likely number ii because they oftentimes come upwards along alongside cream as well as sugar.  Chocolate is number three.  I previously discussed drug-containing foods as well as beverages inwards my serial "Why produce We Eat?  A Neurobiological Perspective" (1, 2).



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