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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... low-carb gluten-free bacon chocolate mocha H2O ice cream cake!!

WHS reader Nick sent me this ane (thanks!).  The cake is a "dense, brownie-like chocolate cake, tyke layers of java H2O ice cream", amongst "whipped chocolate ganache, as well as pressed crunchy crumbled bacon into the sides", etc.  I bring to paw it to creator Melissa Sevigny, this cake looks TASTY.  Cake + Bacon = Food Reward.

This is non only whatsoever onetime fattening unhealthy white flour cake though-- this is a slimming, salubrious low-carb gluten-free cake!  So become ahead as well as consume the whole thing*.

Seriously though, this is a nifty instance of how people become incorrect amongst salubrious eating.  Start amongst a reasonable dominion of thumb, as well as thence halt upward undermining it amongst culinary work-arounds.  For example, eating whole foods tends to travel a skillful idea, but if your interpretation of that is eating whole wheat scones every day, you lot may non instruct the effect you're looking for...

* I didn't run across Sevigny brand whatsoever claims well-nigh the cake existence slimming or healthy.  Still, the fact that the cake is described equally low-carb as well as gluten-free volition imply to many people that it's healthy.

Image credit: Melissa Sevigny.


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