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Food Vantage Friday

This week's "winner" volition surely live on the most controversial yet... bacon!!
Bacon is a obese cutting of pork (typically side or back) that has been thinly sliced, cured, as well as then cooked until crispy.  This results inwards a fatty, salty, savory flavour that close everyone loves.  Bacon's extremely high calorie density, saltiness, as well as savory flavour laissez passer it a vantage value that competes amongst chocolate as well as H2O ice cream.  Sometimes it's fifty-fifty used to flavour chocolate as well as H2O ice cream!

There's a lot of bacon consumption inwards sure parts of the Paleo community.  I mean value business office of this stems from a contrarian mental attitude that comes along amongst a sure construct of Paleo.  Even though fresh meat as well as moderate saturated obese consumption may live on compatible amongst expert health, that doesn't hateful it's good for you lot to consume a cured, calorie-dense nutrient that's essentially been deep fried inwards its ain fat*.  I taste eating humanely produced bacon from fourth dimension to time, merely I don't perish inwards a habit.

* Some people gear upward bacon at a frigidness inwards the oven.  This is in all likelihood healthier inwards my opinion, merely I notwithstanding can't regard bacon every bit a wellness food.


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