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Myth: Nutrient Prep Takes A Lot Of Time.

Use a mandoline to spell fruits as well as
vegetables thinly as well as quickly.
Answer: Busted!

Summer is non the best fourth dimension to live on inward the kitchen preparing food. If you lot desire to brand your fourth dimension inward the kitchen all close making healthy, quick as well as slowly foods, proceed these gadgets inward mind.
  • Skillet or wok for stir-fry: Every kitchen should select a skillet to brand a quick stir-fry. Stir-fry dishes are slowly to prepare, laid rapidly as well as are a bully agency to instruct to a greater extent than vegetables inward your meals.
  • Oil mister for sautéing inward your skillet: This gadget tin flame tending you lot command the sum of fossil oil you lot role when sautéing vegetables. You tin flame also role it when adding fossil oil or oil-based salad dressings to salads to command how much dressing you lot use.
  • Blender: Make your ain smoothies at dwelling household as well as command what goes inward them. Be certain to add together unopen to greens to your homemade smoothies similar spinach equally a agency to instruct to a greater extent than vegetables! An immersion (hand-held) blender is an choice to a blender.
  • Coffee grinder: This handy tool tin flame live on used to grind spices. Spices are a depression calorie as well as flavorful agency to add together zest to salads as well as other dishes. Tip: Toast spices briefly inward a skillet to convey out their flavour as well as and hence grind them.
  • Mandoline (slicer): This tool allows you lot to thinly spell potatoes as well as other vegetables when roasting or baking them, instead of making fried chips.
  • Fruit-infuser pitcher: Add flavour to your H2O yesteryear infusing it amongst the natural flavors from fruits.
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Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933


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