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Ahs Verbalize This Saturday

For those who are handle the Ancestral Health Symposium this year, my verbalize volition move at 9:00 AM on Saturday.  The championship is "Insulin too Obesity: Reconciling Conflicting Evidence", too it volition focus on the next ii questions:
  1. Does elevated insulin drive obesity; does obesity drive elevated insulin; or both?
  2. Is at that topographic point a unifying hypothesis that's able to explicate all of the seemingly conflicting prove cited yesteryear each side of the debate?
I'll approach the affair inwards truthful scientific fashion: stating hypotheses, making rational predictions based on those hypotheses, too seeing how good the prove matches the predictions.  I'll explore the prove inwards a mode that has never been done earlier (to my knowledge), fifty-fifty on this blog.

Why am I giving this talk?  Two reasons.  First, it's an of import interrogation that has implications for the prevention too handling of obesity, too it has received a lot of involvement inwards the ancestral wellness community too to about extent amid obesity researchers.  Second, I written report the mechanisms of obesity professionally, I'm wrapping upwards a postdoc inwards a lab that has focused on the business office of insulin inwards torso fatness (lab of Dr. Michael W. Schwartz), too I've idea close this interrogation a lot over the years-- too therefore I'm inwards a expert lay to speak close it.

The verbalize volition move accessible too informative to almost all cognition levels, including researchers, physicians, too anyone who knows a picayune fleck close insulin.  I'll comprehend most of the basics equally nosotros go.  I guarantee you'll larn something, whatever your cognition level.


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