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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... cola!

Thirsty yet?  Visual cues such equally these are used to drive food/beverage seeking as well as consumption behavior, which are used to drive profits.  How does this work?  Once you've consumed a rewarding drinkable plenty times, especially equally a malleable child, your encephalon comes to associate everything most that drinkable alongside the main vantage yous obtained from it (calories, sugar, as well as caffeine).  This is just Pavlovian/classical conditioning*.  Everything associated alongside that drinkable becomes a cue that triggers motivation to obtain it (craving), including the sight of it, the odor of it, the audio of a tin popping, as well as fifty-fifty the physical as well as social surroundings it was consumed in-- just similar Pavlov's dogs learned to drool at the audio of a bell that was repeatedly paired alongside food.

This is a big business office of why nutrient advertising works.  Showing yous nutrient on TV or on a billboard is just a cue that triggers your previously formed vantage association, motivating yous to obtain the food/beverage when it may non direct keep crossed your take away heed otherwise.

Cola is an interesting drinkable alongside a long history inward the US.  It became pop afterward the evolution of Coca-Cola yesteryear the American chemist John Pemberton inward 1886.  If yous asked xx people on the street what is used to flavour as well as coloring cloth cola, I suspect most of them would direct keep no idea, or approximate or as well as then variety of industrial chemic concoction.  In fact, the flavour comes from a blend of mutual spices we're all familiar with, including citrus rind, cinnamon, as well as vanilla, as well as the coloring cloth comes from caramel.

Of course, it also comes alongside a hefty dose of sugar, or to a greater extent than precisely, high-fructose corn syrup.  One 12 oz tin clocks inward at 136 calories, most 50% to a greater extent than than a medium apple.  A xx oz beverage, also commonly consumed, weighs inward at 226 calories.  Soda is nutritionally bankrupt, tends to last consumed carelessly on exceed of a normal diet, doesn't comprise the substances (fiber, protein) that would ordinarily boundary intake as well as furnish wellness benefits, promotes molar decay, as well as is rewarding plenty that nosotros imbibe it inward the absence of calorie demand (hunger).  Sugar-sweetened beverages (as opposed to most other sources of sugar) are linked to the evolution of obesity inward observational studies as well as controlled trials, although the prove hasn't ever been consistent.

Why create nosotros imbibe soda?  Because it's rewarding, almost yesteryear Definition (reward = motivation as well as behavioral reinforcement).  If it weren't rewarding, we'd just imbibe H2O instead.  Why is it rewarding?  No mystery here.  As alongside all hyper-palatable/rewarding foods, it's somewhat of a perfect storm.  It contains a concentration of saccharide that's correct at the human "bliss point" that is consistently exploited yesteryear nutrient manufacturers-- non equally good depression as well as non equally good high.  It contains caffeine, a habit-forming drug (and it used to comprise cocaine).  It tastes adept as well as has a pleasant fizz.  Last but non least, it's slow to ingest.

* The calories, sugar, as well as caffeine are the unconditioned stimuli; the appearance, aroma, atmosphere, etc. are the conditioned stimuli.  Once conditioned yesteryear repeated pairing alongside the unconditioned stimuli, the conditioned stimuli acquire cues that drive motivation for the beverage.


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