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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky winner... salted nuts!!

Now earlier anyone gets inwards a tiff, permit me nation that I intend salted nuts are a fairly salubrious food.  After my outset few FRF posts, I received several requests from people asking me to write nigh foods that aren't in addition to therefore extreme-- foods that many of us stimulate got on hand, may fifty-fifty catch to live on healthy, only are nonetheless palatable in addition to rewarding plenty that they Pb to overeating sometimes.  It's tardily to express joy at monstrous pizzas alongside fried shrimp in addition to mayo on them, only mayhap it's non every bit enlightening every bit turning the spotlight on our ain kitchens.

Salted nuts are i of those salubrious foods that people oftentimes tell me they overeat.  Here's what WHS reader Tuck had to nation recently:
My proposition [for FRF]: Salted pistachios.

I tin eat a handbag of these things alongside no problem.  For me they're worse than tater chips.  My married adult woman late got a handbag of unsalted pistachios yesteryear mistake.  They're barely, well, palatable.  I eat a few in addition to I've got no involvement inwards whatever more.

For me these are instantly on a listing of indulgences alongside H2O ice cream in addition to vegetable-oil fried French fries.
Personally, I'll eat salted nuts when I'm out, only I don't proceed them roughly the house.  I eat a lot of unsalted roasted almonds, in addition to I'll eat them just to the signal where my appetite is gone, at which signal I stimulate got no wish to eat whatever more.  If they're salted or flavored, I'll proceed eating them yesteryear satiety, in addition to alongside nuts it's tardily to eat a lot of extra calories this way.  Salt is i of the primal additives that nutrient manufacturers role to mask off flavors in addition to growth nutrient palatability in addition to reward-- only y'all don't stimulate got to live on Frito-Lay to stimulate got wages of this phenomenon.

Nuts are healthy... every bit long every bit y'all don't overeat them.


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