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Myth: 1 Involve To Launder All Bagged Leafy Greens That 1 Buy.

bagged leafy greenish salads is a convenient agency for many people to eat to a greater extent than salubrious vegetabl Myth: I take to launder all bagged leafy greens that I buy.Answer: BUSTED!

Purchasing pre-bagged leafy greenish salads is a convenient agency for many people to eat to a greater extent than salubrious vegetables. When buying unpackaged leafy greens or whatever other fruits or vegetables, it is really of import for consumers to launder them (under clear running water) in i trial at domicile to construct clean off whatever bad microorganisms that may survive present. However, if yous are buying pre-bagged leafy greenish salads, it is of import to read the label to come across if it has already been washed. If it is labeled “washed” or “ready-to-eat,” in addition to then yous create NOT take to launder it at home.

Washing pre-washed leafy greens has non been shown to cut back the opportunity of foodborne illness, in addition to genuinely may growth the opportunity of cross-contamination inwards your kitchen. The commercial washing procedure removes 90-99 pct of all microorganisms that may survive present, thus it volition survive hard for whatever washing at domicile to take away much more. Also, when washing the greens, whatever microorganisms that may already survive introduce inwards your sink, your countertops or on your hands could easily contaminate the greens fifty-fifty more.

The to a greater extent than or less of import things consumers tin create to forbid foodborne disease from eating pre-washed bagged salads is to proceed them refrigerated at 35 to 40° F, notice the “use by” dates marked on the package, in addition to don’t purchase whatever salad that has excess H2O inwards the pocketbook or has non been kept refrigerated. As amongst whatever fresh fruits in addition to vegetables, ever handgrip pre-washed greens amongst construct clean hands, in addition to brand certain cutting boards, utensils in addition to countertops are clean.

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Contributor: Londa Nwadike, PhD, Extension Food Safety Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 816-655-6258


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