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Reflections On The 2013 Ancestral Wellness Symposium

I only returned from the 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium inwards Atlanta.  Despite a few challenges alongside the audio/visual setup, I mean value it went well.

I arrived on Th evening, as well as and then I missed a few talks that would receive got been interesting to attend, yesteryear Mel Konner, Nassim Taleb, Gad Saad, as well as Hamilton Stapell.  Dr. Konner is ane of the progenitors of the modern Paleo movement.  Dr. Saad does interesting run on consummatory behavior, reward, as well as its possible evolutionary basis.  Dr. Stapell is a historian alongside an involvement inwards the modern Paleo movement.  He got roughly rut for suggesting that the stimulate is unlikely to move genuinely mainstream, which I care with.  I had the chance to pass quite a chip of fourth dimension alongside him as well as flora him to endure an interesting person.

On Friday, Chris Kresser gave a overnice beak most the potential hidden costs of eradicating our intestinal parasites as well as inadvertently altering our gut flora.  Unfortunately it was concurrent alongside Chris Masterjohn as well as then I'll receive got to lookout his beak on fat-soluble vitamins when it's posted.  I spent most of the remainder of the 24-hour interval practicing my talk.

On Sat morning, I gave my beak "Insulin as well as Obesity: Reconciling Conflicting Evidence".  I mean value it went well, as well as the feedback overall was really positive, both on the content as well as the delivery.  The conference is fairly low-carb-centric as well as I know roughly people disagree alongside my perspective on insulin, as well as that's OK.   The-question-and-answer session afterward the beak was also productive, alongside roughly comments/questions from Andreas Eenfeldt as well as others.  With the completion of this talk, I've addressed the topic to my satisfaction as well as I don't expression to pass much to a greater extent than fourth dimension on it unless of import novel information emerge.  The beak volition endure freely available online at roughly point, as well as I expression it to move a valuable resources for people who desire to acquire to a greater extent than most the human relationship betwixt insulin as well as obesity.  It should endure accessible to anyone alongside a lilliputian chip of background inwards the subject, but it volition also endure informative to most researchers.

After my talk, I attended several other goodness presentations.  Dan Pardi gave a overnice beak on the importance of slumber as well as the circadian rhythm, how it works, how the modern solid set down disrupts it, as well as how to gear upwards it.  The human relationship betwixt slumber as well as wellness is a really hot surface area of inquiry correct now, it fits seamlessly alongside the evolutionary perspective, as well as Pardi showed off his high flat of expertise inwards the subject.  He included the results of an interesting slumber written report he conducted every bit business office of his doctoral run at Stanford, showing that slumber restriction makes us to a greater extent than probable to select foods nosotros perceive every bit unhealthy.

Sleep as well as the circadian beat was a recurrent theme at AHS13.  A lot of interesting inquiry is emerging on sleep, trunk weight, as well as health, as well as the ancestral community has been quick to comprehend this inquiry as well as integrate it into the ancestral wellness template.  I mean value it's a big slice of the puzzle.

Jeff Rothschild gave a overnice summary of the inquiry on time-restricted feeding, trunk weight as well as wellness inwards fauna models as well as humans.  Research inwards this surface area is expanding as well as the results are pretty interesting, suggesting that when you lot limit a rodent's feeding window to the fourth dimension of 24-hour interval when it would naturally eat nutrient (rather than giving constant access during both 24-hour interval as well as night), it becomes to a greater extent than resistant to obesity fifty-fifty when exposed to a fattening diet.  Rothschild tied this concept together alongside circadian rule inwards a compelling way.  Since nutrient is ane of the stimuli that sets the circadian clock, Rothschild proposes to eat when the Sun is up, as well as non when it's down, synchronizing eating behaviour alongside the natural seasonal lite rhythm.  I mean value it's a slap-up idea, although it wouldn't endure practical for me to implement it currently.  Maybe someday if I receive got a to a greater extent than flexible schedule.  Rothschild is most to issue a review newspaper on this topic every bit business office of his master's score training, as well as then move along your eyes peeled.

Kevin Boyd gave a really compelling beak most malocclusion (underdeveloped jaws as well as crowded teeth) as well as breathing problems, peculiarly those occurring during sleep.  Malocclusion is a modern epidemic alongside major wellness implications, every bit Dr. Boyd showed yesteryear his analysis of ancient vs. modern skulls.  The differences inwards palate evolution betwixt our recent ancestors (less than 200 years ago) as well as modern humans are consistent as well as striking, every bit Weston Price also noted a century ago.  Dr. Boyd believes that changing baby feeding practices (primarily the replacement of thorax feeding alongside bottle feeding) is the psyche responsible factor, due to the different mechanical stimulation it provides, as well as he's proposing to exam that hypothesis using the tools of modern research.  He's presented his inquiry at prestigious organizations as well as inwards high-impact scientific journals, as well as then I mean value this thought may actually endure gaining traction.  Very exciting.

I was honored when Dr. Boyd told me that my 9-part serial on malocclusion is what got him interested inwards this work (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).  His inquiry has of course of written report taken it farther than I did, as well as every bit a dentist his agreement of malocclusion is deeper than mine.  He's a middle-aged human being who is going dorsum to schoolhouse to do this research, as well as his enthusiasm is palpable.  Robert Corruccini, a character anthropology researcher as well as notable proponent of the thought that malocclusion is a "disease of civilization" as well as non purely inherited, is ane of his advisers.

There were a issue of fantabulous talks, as well as others that didn't watch my standards for information quality.  Overall, an interesting conference alongside seemingly less drama than inwards previous years.



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