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Is Refined Saccharide Addictive?

[Note: inwards previous versions, I mixed upwardly "LGI" together with "HGI" price inwards a dyad of spots.  These are right away corrected.  Thanks to readers for pointing them out.]

Recently, a novel study was published that triggered an avalanche of media reports suggesting that refined refined saccharify may hold upwardly addictive:

Refined Carbs May Trigger Food Addiction
Refined Carbs May Trigger Food Addictions
6), alongside the iii longest trials (4, 6, together with eighteen months) showing no existent payoff of LGI eating on trunk weight or glucose metabolism (789).  The large Diogenes study did uncovering that LGI eating modestly slows weight regain next calorie restriction-induced weight loss, though the study wasn't actually designed to isolate the glycemic index from other nutrient properties similar fiber content (10).  At to the lowest degree this shows that the advice to cut back glycemic index has a measurable acquit on inwards for certain contexts, fifty-fifty if the acquit on is small.

Despite the unimpressive functioning inwards controlled trials, the glycemic index is enthusiastically presented equally an effective agency to forbid together with process obesity together with metabolic dysfunction inwards non-diabetics.  This is based largely on observational studies, which accept sometimes industrial plant life that HGI eating is associated alongside obesity together with diabetes risk.  While I don't totally dismiss the findings of these studies, I hollo upwardly they're difficult to depict theatre conclusions from, given their inherent limitations together with the divergent results of controlled trials.


Although it adds meaningfully to the literature on nutrient consumption, hunger, together with encephalon activity, this study did non back upwardly the determination that "refined carbs are addictive", nor did it present that differences inwards blood glucose inside the normal attain drive hunger or nutrient craving, nor that a high glycemic index per se contributes to obesity.  Certain refined refined saccharify foods are indeed highly rewarding, together with tin Pb to craving together with overconsumption, merely whether this relates specifically to their effects on blood glucose remains unclear.  I expect forrad to query clearly supporting the thought that changes inwards blood glucose inside the normal attain accept a important acquit on on hunger, satiety, nutrient craving, obesity, together with addiction.



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