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Developing The Skills Of Active Listening

Listening is an active procedure as well as critical to communication. Communication has 2 dimensions: speaking (expression) as well as listening (reception). We impart noesis when nosotros speak; nosotros larn when nosotros listen. The procedure of listening is oft contrasted alongside hearing. Hearing is considered every bit a physical deed spell listening, a mental act. Active listening is a person’s willingness as well as mightiness to hear as well as understand.  Active  listening agency staying awake both mentally as well as physically. Listening  functions to serve our basic human needs. Listening serves the purposes of learning, establishing as well as maintaining friendships, edifice relationships, getting proficient trades as well as finding almost our client’s needs, concerns or objections. It is reported that from 42 to 62% (or more) of our communication fourth dimension is spent on listening depending on whether nosotros are students, doctors, counselors, lawyers, nurses or whatsoever  trainees.  Another study found that college students pass 52.5 % of their fourth dimension inwards listening (Barker et al 1980).


“Listening inwards an active as well as dynamic procedure of attending, perceiving, interpreting, remembering as well as responding to the expressed (verbal as well as nonverbal) needs, concerns as well as data offered past times other human beings.”

Listening process

There are iii phases inside the listening procedure such every bit leveling sharpening as well as assimilation.
Leveling(pre-listening) – the encephalon automatically shifts as well as separates the ‘sensical,  from the ‘non-sensical’.
Sharpening – the receiver checks as well as re-checks the inputs.
Assimilation – it depends on the marking of importance as well as mental makeup of the listener. Reflection fourth dimension should endure given for the listener to assimilate.

Types of listening

                There are five types of listening. Listening differs inwards work, social as well as household unit of measurement situations.
Discriminative listening – this type of listening involves the basic science of noticing the aspects or details of the message itself (both verbal as well as nonverbal). The listener becomes aware of the features of the message, rather than the content.
Comprehensive listening – this type of listening is for agreement the message. This is essentially listening without beingness critical or evaluating the message but listening exactly to larn e.g., students listens a classroom lecture.
Critical –evaluative listening – this type of  listening is an intelligent listening of persuasive or media messages. Critical listening assumes both discriminative as well as comprehensive listening.
Therapeutic/ emphatic listening – this listening lends a non-judgemental, healing ear to family, friends as well as professional person associates. It is the listening alongside the involvement of the others inwards mind.
Appreciative listening – some of the fourth dimension nosotros hear primarily  for enjoyment  to appreciate rather than to evaluate or analyse.

seven – Components of active listening

1.       Desire – a wishing to listen
2.       Focus – focused attention
3.       Perception –be aware of the elements of message, speaker as well as context.
4.       Interpretation – capacity to translate the messages as well as meanings of others.
5.       Remembering – consciously piece of occupation to recollect what you lot hear.
6.       Response – brand a habit of responding alongside feedback.
7.       Receptive to the personal chemical ingredient – attention almost the relationship.

Stages of active listening

            Stop all other activities;
 Look straight at the speaker;
 Listen as well as reflect;
React to position the of import points, to brand mental pictures, to tape the messages inwards indicate form, to brand sketches as well as to brand connections.

Listening cycle

Attending – involved inwards ‘listening alongside a purpose’, maintaining proficient oculus contact as well as having an attentive trunk orientation of posture. It is of paying attending to non-verbal forms of communication as well as meaning.
Asking questions – expressing verbal comments or gestures; seeking clarifications wherever possible.
Responding – summarizing as well as sharing the message as well as giving a feedback.

Listening barriers

·         Branding the plain of study every bit uninteresting.
·         Criticizing a speaker’s delivery or mannerisms.
·         Getting likewise stimulated past times what the speaker says.
·         Listening exclusively for facts.
·         Faking attention.
·         Becoming distracted.
·         Avoiding hard material.
·         Allowing emotion – laden words to arouse personal antagonism, twenty-four hr menstruum dreaming as well as wasting the benefits of persuasion speed.

Effective listening habits

Hearing is a natural procedure whereas listening is a higher cognitive process. Basically nosotros think much faster than nosotros speak. The average mortal talks at speed of roughly 125 words per minute. Yet people think upwards to 500 words a minute. People hear at dissimilar speeds.  Listening needs concentration of hear on the share of the listener. Concentration requires proper posture as well as physical environment. Sometimes pitiable listening is generated past times the speaker. The listener should cause to organize the ideas that the speaker is conveying. Making notes volition assist inwards the initial stages. Non – verbal signals, the tone of voice, gestures as well as facial expressions could brand a lot of differences inwards what is genuinely beingness conveyed. Patience as well as willingness on the share of the listener to accomplish active listening is agreement  the ‘music behind the words’ – it is the music which conveys the existent pregnant of what is beingness communicated.

Importance of listening

Listening is our primary agency of increment as well as intellectual development. It is an of import ingredient to success inwards personal as well as professional person life. Listening is crucial to the proficient wellness of our interpersonal relationships; to our roles every bit parents, children, friends as well as lovers. By listening,  nosotros uncovering their unique needs, concerns, desires, fears as well as objections.

Quotes for thought

“If speaking is silver, as well as therefore listening is gold.” –Turkish proverb.

“The basis is giving you lot answers each day. Learn to listen.”

“Every proficient conversation starts alongside proficient listening.”

“Most people exercise non hear alongside the intent to understand;

                They hear alongside the intent to reply.”



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