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Lifelong Learning (Lll)

Learning tin spill out inwards instruction or preparation institutions, the piece of occupation place, the menage unit of measurement or cultural together with community settings. Learning is intrinsic together with nosotros engage inwards learning throughout our whole lives. Lifelong learning is a continuum that occurs from cradle to grave. Lifelong learning enables individuals of all ages to meliorate informed together with to a greater extent than active citizens, contributes to their personal good beingness together with fulfillment, supports their inventiveness together with project design together with encourages their amount economical together with societal participation. Lifelong learning refers to all purposeful learning activities, both formal together with informal, that receive got identify throughout our lives.


Lifelong learning (LLL) is “all purposeful learning activity, undertaken on an ongoing footing alongside the aim of improving knowledge, skills together with competence”(The European Commission, 2000). Learning through life is virtually acquiring together with updating all kinds of abilities, interests, cognition together with qualifications from the schools/universities to post service retirement life. Lifelong learning is the continuous edifice of skills together with cognition throughout the life of an individual. Lifelong learning (LLL) encompasses the whole arrive at of learning that includes formal, informal together with non-formal learning.

Need for lifelong learning

The cognition – based economy, novel technologies together with globalization all influence the needs to the population’s skills together with competences (Laal together with Salamati, 2012). Knowledge is beingness produced at an increasingly rapid footstep together with technologies acquire increasingly complex. Educators together with employers are discovering that the changing demands of today’s workplace telephone scream upward for workers who are adaptable to alter together with know how to heighten their project skills.  Lifelong learning helps them acquire novel cognition together with skills together with helps them to adjust to the electrical flow technological change.


Self-directed learning –lifelong learning emphasize the demand for individuals to receive got responsibleness for their ain learning.
Informal learning – learning inwards the data historic catamenia is moving out of the school/universities into home, the community together with the workplace. Informal learning is considered equally a full general life function.
Self-funded learning – it is the responsibleness of an private to finance their ain continuing education. The West Report (1998) defines a lifelong learner equally a person, who undertakes responsibleness for their ain learning together with who is prepared to invest time, coin together with endeavor inwards instruction or preparation on a continuous basis.
Universal participation – the lifelong learning is necessary for social cohesion inwards a fourth dimension of rapid economical together with social change.

4 – pillars of a learning society

Jacques Delors written report proposes 4 characteristics of lifelong learners.

Learning to do – acquiring together with applying skills for the introduce together with future environments.
Learning to be – promoting inventiveness together with personal fulfillment.
Learning to know – self motivated learning is flexible, critical together with capable.
Learning to alive together – developing community tolerance, interpersonal agreement together with usual respect.


 Lifelong learning is a continuously supportive procedure which stimulates together with empowers individuals to acquire all the knowledge, values, skills together with agreement they volition require throughout their lifetimes together with to use them alongside confidence, inventiveness together with enjoyment inwards all roles, circumstances together with surroundings (Longworth together with Davies, 1996). Lifelong learning (LLL) leads to an enriching life of self-fulfillment together with meaning. It helps them to brand novel friends together with valuable relationships. It keeps a lifelong learner involved inwards active contributors to society. It creates a curious, hungry together with opened upward hear to growth their wisdom. It helps them to adjust to alter together with makes the Blue Planet a meliorate identify to live. It non exclusively enhances social inclusion, active citizenship together with personal development, simply likewise competitiveness together with employability. It makes communities to a greater extent than productive together with innovative equally workers creative together with detect novel abilities together with ideas. It strengthens the economy. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 stronger economic scheme agency citizens practise goodness from the gamble to earn more, alive meliorate together with contribute to the economical organization (Canlearn,2009).

Inspiring quotes on Lifelong learning

"As long equally yous live, popular off on learning how to live." -Seneca.

"Continuous learning is a minimum requirement for 
 success inwards whatever field." -Unknown author.

"I am notwithstanding learning." - Michelangelo, historic catamenia 87.

"The infinitesimal yous halt learning, yous halt growing."-Amy Deagle.

"Learning is non a race for information,
   it's walk of discovery." - Unknown author.

"Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset 
you'll always receive got is your mind and what yous pose into it."  - Brian Tracy.



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