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More Graphs Of Calorie Intake Vs. Bmi

In the final post, a reader commented that the correlation would hold upward to a greater extent than convincing if I graphed calories vs. average BMI rather than the prevalence of obesity.  It was a valid point, together with hence I went searching for average BMI values from NHANES surveys.  I dug upward a CDC document that contains information from surveys betwixt 1960 together with 2002 (1).  Because these information solely encompass v survey periods, nosotros solely larn v information points to analyze, every bit opposed to the 8 used inward the final post.  The document contains BMI values for men together with women separately, together with hence I averaged the 2 to guess average BMI inward the full general adult population.  It's too worth noting that I travel the guess midpoint of the survey menstruum every bit the year.

First, a graph of average BMI over time.  It went up:

Now, let's encounter how good average BMI correlates with calorie intake:

The correlation betwixt calorie intake together with obesity prevalence was remarkable, but this correlation is exactly incredible.  An R-squared value of 0.98 indicates that daily calorie intake together with average BMI are virtually perfectly correlated.

We tin flame farther deduce that each 100-calorie growth inward daily nutrient intake is associated with an 0.62-point growth inward average BMI alongside US adults.  



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