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Myth: It Is Non Rubber To Swallow Easter Eggs.

 Decorating as well as hunting for Easter eggs are fun traditions for many families Myth: It is non rubber to swallow Easter eggs.
Answer: That depends...

Decorating as well as hunting for Easter eggs are fun traditions for many families. However, yous should follow the nutrient security practices listed below if yous desire to safely swallow those eggs afterwards. Otherwise, the eggs should live discarded.

  • Dyeing eggs: After hard-boiling as well as dyeing eggs, they should live returned to the fridge inside 2 hours to boot the bucket along them cold. Be certain to role food-safe coloring if yous are planning to swallow the eggs. Also, brand certain that everyone treatment the eggs washes their hands first, every bit alongside whatever nutrient product.

  • Hunting eggs: One of my earliest memories of witnessing a questionable nutrient security practise was seeing my cousin swallow an Easter egg that nosotros industrial plant life exterior on the seat down nearly a calendar week after the eggs were hidden. That was definitely non a rubber practice! In fact, the full fourth dimension that hard-boiled eggs should live out of the fridge acre they are hid, hunted as well as industrial plant life is 2 hours. It is every bit good non recommended to swallow hard-boiled eggs that bring been lying on the seat down because they tin pick upward bacteria, peculiarly if the shells are cracked. Eggs should live hidden inward places that are protected from dirt, wet as well as other sources of bacteria. These “found” eggs must live washed, re-refrigerated as well as eaten inside vii days of cooking.

Hiding plastic eggs is the safest option for numerous reasons, including if yous desire to enshroud the eggs on the seat down or don’t desire to bring to worry nearly getting hard-boiled eggs dorsum inward the fridge inside ii hours.

No ane wants to bring foodborne affliction anytime, detail after a holiday, as well as then live certain to follow these elementary nutrient security practices. Enjoy your Easter eggs safely!

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Contributor: Londa Nwadike, PhD, Extension Food Safety Specialist, University of Missouri/Kansas State University,, 816-655-6258


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