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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... Lay's milk chocolate-dipped spud chips!!

Is this around sort of joke?  Sadly, no.  Also sadly, I'd likely bask these sugar-covered deep fried potatoes, simply similar I enjoyed chocolate-covered bacon.  Here's a quote from the description on Amazon:
  • "Imagine the joy your sense of savor buds volition experience! Lay's wanted to brand your vacation exceptional alongside a wonderful blend of traditional wavy chips covered inwards luscious milk chocolate that makes for salty, sweetness magic."
Here are 2 comments from the Amazon reviews:
  • "Well, I actually liked these, but the piffling purse said it was similar v servings inwards the bag....I noticed that afterwards I finished it...yikes!"
  • "These are awesome, but oh together with then addictive!
Perhaps these are causing a fighting also much joy on the tastebuds??

This week's FRF was brought to us past times reader Norman Spencer, who asks "mais pourquoi?"



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