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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... kettle corn!

Who doesn't similar kettle corn, that sweet, crunchy treat?  And why non indulge-- it's exactly a whole grain amongst a petty flake of sugar!

It's sure enough all correct to consume kettle corn from fourth dimension to time, but at that spot is a argue nosotros honor it too therefore seductive.  Although it may seem calorie-free too fluffy, popcorn is truly quite calorie-dense.  This is because chewing expels the air inwards popcorn, leaving a modest book inwards the tummy that's non much greater than if y'all had but eaten unpopped kernels.  This agency that popcorn, similar crackers too rice cakes, doesn't deliver really much satiety for the set out of calories it contains, at to the lowest degree compared to water-rich foods similar potatoes.

Calorie density is likewise i of the primary rewarding properties of food, which is i of the master copy reasons why nosotros similar popcorn too therefore much.  Add a coating of saccharide to it, or faux butter inwards the illustration of motion-picture demo popcorn, too it becomes tardily to overindulge.



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