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I convey 2 talks planned over the adjacent 2 months.  Hope to come across you lot there!

Ancestral Health Symposium 2014: UC Berkeley, August 7-9

If you lot desire to empathize the most rigorous scientific discipline available on leptin resistance-- a primal machinery of obesity as well as a major barrier to obese loss-- this speak is for you.  This is my main expanse of professional person expertise; I convey years of firsthand question sense on the dependent area as well as I've published a number of related papers inward peer-reviewed journals.  The speak volition endure accessible to nearly all levels of expertise.  AHS14 tickets are available here.  I've pasted the talk's abstract below.

What Causes Leptin Resistance?

Leptin is the main hormonal regulator of torso fatness.  Obese people present a resistance to leptin’s effects inward the brain, causing the encephalon to oppose obese loss past times multiple mechanisms.  Research inward animate existence models suggests that leptin resistance may endure required for obesity to develop.  How does leptin resistance occur, as well as what causes it?  Research has non all the same provided us amongst definitive answers, only several plausible possibilities convey emerged.  This speak volition review what is known virtually leptin resistance as well as its causes.

McDougall Advanced Study Weekend: Santa Rosa, CA, September 5-7

physician John McDougall invited me to speak at his yearly symposium later on viewing my TEDx speak "The American Diet: a Historical Perspective".  I await frontward to sharing my thoughts as well as interacting amongst a unlike audience than I'm used to.  The speak volition endure an expanded version of the i I presented at AHS13.  Tickets are available here.  I've pasted a modified version of my AHS13 abstract below.

Insulin as well as Obesity: Reconciling Conflicting Evidence

The pancreatic hormone insulin regulates the trafficking as well as metabolism of saccharide as well as fat, as well as its secretion is especially stimulated past times saccharide as well as protein.  Since circulating insulin is elevated inward mutual obesity, as well as insulin influences obese acid flux into as well as out of obese tissue, this has raised the possibility that elevated insulin causes mutual obesity, as well as that dietary saccharide is especially fattening.  A large total of testify appears to back upwardly the hypothesis that insulin causes obesity, as well as a large total of testify appears to falsify it.  This presentation volition outline a framework capable of reconciling this seemingly conflicting evidence.



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