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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"...  Cheesecake Factory Bruleed French Toast!

This dish was 1 of the lucky recipients of the Xtreme Eating Awards recently bestowed past times the Center for Science inward the Public Interest.  These dishes convey unopen to of the highest calorie contents of whatever eatery meals.  With Bruleed French Toast, yous tin swallow 2,780 calories... for breakfast.  That's to a greater extent than calories than close people demand inward an entire day.

Looking at the dish, it's difficult to believe at that topographic point are nearly 3,000 calories inward it.  Most of the calories come upwards from the butter- in addition to syrup-rich custard inward the bread.  I'm continually amazed past times the things we'll produce for nutrient reward.

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