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Science Of Nutrition Podcast

I of late did an interview amongst Seth Yoder, who has a master's score inward nutrition scientific discipline in addition to writes the weblog The Science of Nutrition.  Seth caught my attending of late amongst his withering review of The Big Fat Surprise, the latest mass to claim that ideological/incompetent scientists in addition to world policy makers got the scientific discipline of nutrition backward in addition to nosotros should all endure eating low-carb, high-fat, high-meat diets.  I was impressed past times how deeply Seth dug into the reference list, in addition to how good he picked upwards on subtle exactly troubling misrepresentations of the evidence.

Last week, Seth in addition to I got together at a local brewpub to practise an interview.  We were joined past times Carrie Dennett, an MPH/RDN who has a nutrition blog in addition to writes for the Seattle Times.  I'd belike practise a lot to a greater extent than interviews if I could ride my wheel to them in addition to convey my interviewer purchase me a drink.

Speaking of drinks, past times the goal of the interview I had a piddling buzz-- you lot mightiness listen it inward my vocalization if you lot nous closely.  As usual, I had enough to say well-nigh trunk fatty regulation, nutrient reward, in addition to other topics, amongst enough of side trips to beak over peculiarly fascinating studies.  Also, the discussion of the 24-hour interval was 'compelling'.

Enjoy the interview!


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