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Creative Occupation Solving Skills

Solving problems is a complex mental physical care for that characterizes i of the most intelligent human activities. Problem – solving is a tool, a science as well as a process. As a tool it helps anyone to solve a job or attain a goal. As a science i tin job it repeatedly throughout his/ her life.  As a process, it involves a number of steps. In fact nosotros experience problems on a daily basis. Major problems tin guide maintain a negative touching on on our overall lineament of life. The job solving is either an private or collaborative physical care for composed of 2 dissimilar mental skills: (1) to analyse a province of affairs accurately (analytical) as well as (2) to brand a proficient determination based on that analysis (creative).  Analytical thinking includes skills such equally ordering, comparing, contrasting, evaluating as well as selecting. It helps to position the existent crusade from many possible causes (convergent process). Creative thinking is a divergent physical care for using imagination to create a large make of ideas for solutions. The object of job solving is unremarkably a solution, reply or conclusion. Solving a complex job requires to a greater extent than than mere knowledge; it requires the motivation as well as personal resourcefulness to undertake the challenge as well as persistence until a solution is reached.

Definition of a problem

The concise Oxford Dictionary (1995) defines job equally ‘A doubtful or hard thing requiring a solution’ as well as ‘something hard to sympathise or accomplish or bargain with.’  
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 job exists when a somebody wants something as well as does non know how to instruct it. The problems tin hold upwardly specific or general, positive or negative as well as major or nestling inward importance or scope.

Definition of job solving

Problem solving is the physical care for of working through details of a job to make a solution. The United States of America Dictionary defines job solving equally the physical care for of finding solutions to hard or complex issues. In other words job solving is ‘thinking that is directed toward the solving of a specific job that involves both the formation of responses as well as the selection amidst possible responses.’

Guiding principles of job solving

Problems are natural – People must sympathise that problems are natural business office of life. Buccchianeri E.A quoted, “Well if it tin hold upwardly thought, it tin hold upwardly done, a job tin hold upwardly overcome.”
All life is job solving- Problem solving is an ongoing, perpetual thing. Joey Lawsin quoted, “The contrary of a job would probable hold upwardly the right solution.”
Problems are solvable – people tin create something nearly the problem. John Dewey quoted, “A job good lay is one-half solved.” Robert H. Schuller quoted, “Problems are non halt signs, they are guidelines.”
Problems are opportunities to brand or hence proficient things happen. Author Brian Adams quoted, “Difficulties are opportunities to improve things; they are stepping stones to greater experience...When i door closes, or hence other ever opens; equally a natural it has to balance.”
Problems are challenges – they telephone scream upwardly upon the best of our abilities as well as inquire us to instruct beyond what nosotros thought nosotros could do. Gever Tulley quoted, “Persistence as well as resilience exclusively come upwardly from having been given the adventure to piece of work through hard problems.”

Problem solving phases

1. Input phase – a job is perceived as well as an travail is made to sympathise the province of affairs or problem. Problem solver gathers information or facts relevant to solving the problem;
2. Processing phase – alternatives are generated as well as evaluated as well as a solution is selected;
3. Output stage – includes planning for as well as implementing the solution;
4. Review stage – solution is evaluated as well as modifications are made, if necessary.

Problem solving procedure

1. Problem recognition – It involves detecting as well as recognizing that at that spot is a job exists as well as identifying the nature of the problem. Identifying a job requires to a greater extent than thought as well as analysis. The identification of personal cues such equally thoughts, feelings as well as behaviours provides the information for the existence of a job which tin hold upwardly used inward the subsequent steps of the job solving process. This stage is all nearly gaining to a greater extent than information nearly the job as well as increasing the understanding.
2. Problem definition – It is the physical care for of defining the job inward a solvable form. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 good defined job volition accurately pull the job province of affairs (context). As Edward Hodnitt stated, “A proficient job disputation oftentimes includes a) what is known b) what is unknown as well as c) what is sought.”
3. Generation of option solutions – It is at nowadays fourth dimension to begin thinking nearly possible solutions to the identified problem. One effective strategy for generating option solutions is encephalon storming.
4. Evaluation of option solutions – Once all the alternatives guide maintain been generated, it is fourth dimension to evaluate the potential effectiveness of each of them inward solving the problem.
5. Making a determination – This is mayhap the most complex business office of the job solving process. This stage involves careful analysis of the dissimilar possible courses of activity as well as hence selecting a solution which has the greater potential for effectiveness.
6. Implementation of the solution – Once the solution has been identified, it is fourth dimension to implement i or to a greater extent than of the chosen solutions.
7. Verification of the solution’s effect – It is essential for a job solver to verify the whether or non the solution was executed according to conception as well as hence evaluated to create upwardly one's heed its effectiveness.

7-Step job solving physical care for (Finkelman 2001)

The offset pace is defining the job yesteryear clarifying the line of piece of work as well as describing it inward a unmarried sentence. The instant pace is gathering information from a diversity of sources as well as analysing the data. The 3rd pace is determining the overall destination or desired outcome to guide determination making as well as actions toward the desired outcome. The quaternary pace is developing potential solutions to brand the best choice. The 5th pace is considering the consequences for each of the identified potential solutions. Making the best determination is the 6th step. Finally implementing the solution, evaluating its effectiveness as well as taking necessary corrective activity occurs.

9 – Step job solving physical care for (Dailey 1990)

1. Identifying problems
2. Determining perceptions
3. Determining the underlying causes of problems
4. Assessing the magnitude of the job
5. Constructing a conception
6. Implementing a conception
7. Test-piloting the conception
8. Tracking effectiveness
9. Publicizing results.

Creative job solving (CPS) Treffinger’s Model

The job solving physical care for of the CPS model (Donald as well as Treffinger, 2000,Isaksen as well as Treffinger, 2004) consists of a total of half dozen steps
1. Objective finding – helps to position job ‘messes’ yesteryear using divergent thinking as well as hence converge to select a broader goal.
2. Fact finding –focuses on examining many facts or information nearly the province of affairs to shape the footing for the side yesteryear side step.
3. Problem finding –helps generate many possible restatements of the problem.
4. Idea finding – helps generate promising ideas as well as possible solutions for the problem.
5. Solution finding – develops criteria to evaluate those ideas as well as solutions.
6. Acceptance finding – helps generate ideas for facilitating implementation of the most promising alternatives as well as edifice these ideas into a conception of action.
Brain storming is an essential element of each step. Each pace involves divergent thinking to generate ideas as well as possibilities as well as convergent thinking to select insightful elements, synthesis or refine. The CPS model emphasizes harmony as well as residual betwixt divergent or creative as well as convergent or critical thinking.

Aspects of job solving

Being flexible – y'all guide maintain to hold upwardly flexible as well as willing to essay something different;
Take fourth dimension to think – y'all should brainstorm a lilliputian nearly the dissimilar ways y'all tin solve the problems;
Ask questions – business office of solving a job is to create novel questions to answer;
Look at the job inward a dissimilar agency – essay thinking differently nearly the problem. Avoid your natural tendencies. Remember perspective is everything inward solving a problem;
Think unconventionally – come upwardly up amongst solutions that brand no or lilliputian sense. You powerfulness surprise yourself as well as genuinely run into an unconventional thought that is the perfect solution to your problem.

Problem solving strategies

Direct intervention – involves y'all personally doing  a line of piece of work or activity.
Indirect intervention – requires proficient interpersonal skills such equally negotiation, conflict resolution, thought as well as confrontations to influence others to bear out activities or resolve the problem.
Delegation – is used to assign the responsibleness of an activity or line of piece of work to or hence other for the locomote of workload distribution.
Purposeful inaction – is consciously ignoring or choosing non to brand a selection amongst the promise that the job may instruct away amongst time.
Consultation or collaboration – is exchanging information amongst peers or colleagues to solve a problem.

Problem solving tools

Abstraction – solving the job inward model of the organisation earlier applying it to the existent system.
Analogy – using a solution that solved an analogous problem.
Brain storming – suggesting a large number of solutions to a job as well as hence combining or developing them to unwrap out an optimum solution.
Fractionalization – breaking downward a large complex job into a smaller, solvable problem.
Hypothesis testing – assuming a possible explanation to a job as well as trying to prove/disprove assumptions.
Lateral thinking – approaching solutions indirectly as well as creatively.
Means-ends analysis – choosing an activity at each pace to displace closer to the goal.
Morphological analysis – assessing the output as well as interactions of an entire system.
Reduction – transforming the job into or hence other job for which solutions exist.
Research –employing existing ideas or adapting existing solutions to similar problems.
Root-cause analysis – eliminating the crusade of the problem.
Trial -and – mistake –testing possible solutions until the right i is found.
Proof – essay to evidence that the job cannot hold upwardly solved. The betoken where the proof fails volition hold upwardly the starting betoken for solving it.

Benefits of job solving

Effective job solving has been flora to hold upwardly associated amongst optimism, hope, greater self-esteem as well as self-confidence, improved wellness as well as emotional good beingness as well as a strong sense of overall satisfaction inward life. Effective job solvers take in problems to a greater extent than equally opportunities for growth or positive alter rather than threats. Solving problems furnish necessary skills to handgrip novel problems. They also guide maintain self-confidence inward their powerfulness to adequately tackle difficulties as well as travail to react to problems inward a thoughtful, planful as well as systematic manner. Problem solving decreases one’s impulsivity as well as social withdrawal. Effective job solving skills serve to increase the likelihood that such individuals tin conform to a greater extent than successfully to life’s strains as well as difficulties.
                        ‘To every problem, at that spot is a solution’



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