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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... profiteroles!!

Also called cream puffs and choux à la crème, this French-origin dessert combines a calorie-free puff pastry amongst a cream filling.  Those who accept tried profiteroles know that 1 oft leads to another!

Wheat flour is 1 of the most versatile ingredients for making highly palatable as well as rewarding foods.  Its mightiness to cast an elastic dough allows it to trap air as well as bake into foods that look calorie-free (because they're to a greater extent than oft than non air) only are truly quite calorie-dense (because the air goes away every bit you lot chew).  It besides lends itself to homogenization amongst other seductive ingredients similar fatty as well as sugar.  This is why wheat flour is as well as hence ubiquitous inward European cooking traditions.

Adding a cream filling to the flour-based puff increases its calorie density, fatty content, as well as saccharide content, as well as besides creates a texture contrast-- leading to a really high vantage value.  I tin yet hollo back the profiteroles my aunt made for a marriage when I was a immature child, fifty-fifty though I hollo back picayune else virtually the wedding.  Highly rewarding foods practise a rigid imprint on our minds.

Hat tip to Rob Jamison for the idea.


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