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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... Pumpkin pie!!

This venerable American tradition appears unopen to the holidays, a fourth dimension at which wintertime squeeze such every bit pumpkins receive got ripened together with cured.  It's a little-known fact that the close unremarkably used vegetable inwards pumpkin pie is truly butternut squash-- non pumpkin.  Butternut squeeze produces the flavour together with texture that close people associate amongst a traditional pumpkin pie, together with it's the squeeze typically used inwards canned "pumpkin" puree.

Pumpkin pie is 1 of my favorite desserts, together with there's goose egg incorrect amongst eating it from fourth dimension to time.  It's truly 1 of the close nutritious desserts, due to the impressive nutritional value of wintertime squash.  However, similar all pies, it comes out at the goal of a meal, when close people receive got already eaten plenty nutrient to provide their loose energy needs.  We swallow pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, non because nosotros involve to a greater extent than calories, but because its physical properties expire inwards highly rewarding together with let it to escape sensory-specific satiety.  In our subjective experience, nosotros seem to "grow a 2nd stomach".  That 2nd tummy plainly has a capacity of several hundred calories.

My woman bring upward makes a squeamish option to traditional pumpkin pie that is lighter inwards calories together with every bit good gluten-free.  She precisely uses layers of thinly-sliced apples inwards the bottom of the pie pan instead of a crust.  It plant out well.

Photo provided past times Evan Amos via Wikipedia.


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