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For those who don't follow my Twitter describe of piece of job concern human relationship (@whsource), hither are links to my 2 close recent interviews.

Smash the Fat alongside Sam Feltham.  We hash out the eternally controversial question, "is a calorie a calorie"?  Like many other advocates of the low-carbohydrate diet, Feltham believes that the metabolic effects of nutrient (particularly on insulin), rather than calorie intake per se, are the principal determinants of body fatness.  I explicate the perspective that my plain of inquiry has provided on this question.  We besides discussed why about thin people larn diabetic.  Feltham was a gracious host.

Nourish, Balance, Thrive alongside Christopher Kelly.  Kelly is besides an advocate of the low-carbohydrate diet for fatty loss.  This interview covered a lot of ground, including the insulin-obesity hypothesis, rule of trunk fatness past times the leptin-brain axis, how nutrient vantage plant to increase calorie intake, as well as the touching on of the nutrient surround on nutrient intake.  I explicate why I intend proponents of the insulin-obesity hypothesis cause got false association for causation, as well as what I believe the truthful human relationship is betwixt insulin biological scientific discipline as well as obesity.  Kelly was besides a gracious host.  He provides a transcript if you'd rather read the interview inward text form.



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