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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... the KFC Double Down Dog!!

Double down, v.: To double or significantly increase one's wager, risk, investment, or commitment.  Originates from gambling.

It's non oft that a commercial production gets an honest name.  The Double Down Dog, every bit its refer suggests, has the consumer accept a risky direct chances amongst his trunk weight together with health.  It's besides a direct chances yesteryear KFC that its customers don't laissez passer on a rat's donkey virtually their health.

In illustration it's non obvious from the photo, the Double Down Dog is a hot domestic dog amongst a fried chicken "bun". Why would anyone eat such a thing?  The Double Down Dog is extremely calorie-dense, amongst lots of fat, salt, together with a crispy fried starch shell.  While it may non appeal to most of us, for simply about people that's a powerful plenty combination of vantage factors to motivate buy together with consumption.  Being a contrarian may endure an fifty-fifty stronger motivation.

Fortunately, it's solely available inwards the Philippines... for now.


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