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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... croissants!!

The origins of this delectable buttery pastry are lost inward European history.  Croissants titillate our nutrient vantage circuits alongside their extremely high calorie density, concentrated fatty together with starch, together with salt.  We taste their lite texture, which inward fact conceals a hefty charge of calories.  We appear to especially taste foods, such equally H2O ice cream, popcorn, together with bread, that are calorie-dense exactly laissez passer the illusion of lightness.

Because of their extremely high calorie density together with palatability, croissants furnish niggling fullness per calorie consumed.  In their landmark newspaper on the satiety value of mutual foods, Susanna Holt together with colleagues reported that croissants are the to the lowest degree filling of the 38 foods they tested-- far less filling per calorie than fifty-fifty white breadstuff (1).

In other words, because of how they interact alongside sensors inward the mouth, stomach, together with pocket-size intestine, croissants scarcely provoke the sensation that tells us to terminate eating.  As a result, nosotros don't terminate eating until we've taken inward to a greater extent than calories than nosotros need.

At the same time, the effects of croissants on encephalon vantage circuits brand us to a greater extent than probable to crave together with direct croissants inward the future, together with to a greater extent than probable to railroad train a habit of eating them regularly.

There's zero incorrect alongside treating yourself to a croissant every at i time together with then, exactly if you're concerned close excess weight it may live on best to eat something else.

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