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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... barbecue ribs!!

Is nada sacred??  I honey barbecue ribs equally much equally the side past times side guy, too likely more.  Especially pork ribs.  But there's a argue nosotros unremarkably force away from the tabular array feeling stuffed.

Imagine yourself eating ribs... raw too plain.  Not real appetizing, right?  Probably non something nigh of us would move tempted to overeat, despite a nutrient too calorie value inwards the same ballpark equally cooked ribs.

Ribs are real high inwards fat, which is inherently rewarding, just the affair that puts ribs over the hap is the cooking process.  As meat cooks slowly, the poly peptide inwards it begins to interruption down, releasing glutamate, which has an attractive meaty flavor.  The rib bones too liberate glutamate into the meat, farther accentuating this meaty flavor.

At the same time, the meat becomes soft-- easier to consume too easier to digest.  We lay sauces on it that incorporate salt, sugar, too to a greater extent than glutamate (e.g., BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce), farther accentuating its vantage value.  We're giving the encephalon a concentrated combination of precisely what it's looking for inwards a food, too our motivation to consume is correspondingly high.

Image credit: Thogru via Wikipedia


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