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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... the Cinnabon cinnamon roll!!!

The Cinnabon website boasts of "irresistible obsessions".  Make no mistake, this nutrient is carefully crafted to exert the maximum possible influence on your vantage circuits, reeling yous inwards to buy as well as consume.  Pastries are 1 of the virtually rewarding foods, due to the calorie-dense-combination of starch, sugar, as well as emulsified fat.  In this case, succumbing to temptation volition toll yous 880 Calories-- pretty hefty for a snack!

The texture may likewise play a role.  In his mass The End of Overeating, old FDA commissioner David Kessler explains how for certain doughy, easy-to-chew textures tin growth our crusade to eat.  It's non something that has received a lot of scientific research, exactly the nutrient manufacture is good aware of it.

For those of yous who don't alive inwards the US, Cinnabon is ubiquitous inwards malls as well as other shopping areas, as well as its cinnamon scent wafts into the noses of passers-by.

Thanks to WHS reader Paul Malan for the suggestion.


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