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Do Slower-Digesting Carbohydrates Brand Us Experience To A Greater Extent Than Full?

One of the close mutual pieces of advice inward the health-nutrition globe is that nosotros should focus our saccharide intake on slowly-digesting carbohydrates, because they brand us experience to a greater extent than sum than rapidly-digesting carbohydrates.  Rapidly-digesting carbohydrates, such equally potatoes, stand upward defendant of causing us to overeat, resulting inward obesity, diabetes, together with many other chronic ailments.  Is this true?

This concept is normally discussed inward price of the glycemic index.  Foods with a high glycemic index crusade blood glucose to rising to a greater extent than than foods with a depression glycemic index, together with the erstwhile are normally digested to a greater extent than rapidly.  This stair out was originally developed to assistance diabetics command their blood refined saccharify levels, together with it may indeed live useful for that purpose.  However, to a greater extent than late it has been suggested that non-diabetics should focus on low-glycemic foods equally well.

H5N1 issue of single-meal studies practise propose that low-glycemic carbohydrates render to a greater extent than prolonged satiety than high-glycemic carbohydrates (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).  Yet these studies are often hard to interpret, because the examine foods oftentimes differ inward many ways also glycemic index (e.g., fiber content, calorie density).  Also, a few studies receive got either failed to replicate the finding, or flora that high-glycemic carbohydrates are genuinely to a greater extent than filling (8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

Many observational studies receive got shown that people who consume lower-glycemic carbohydrates tend to fare ameliorate over time.  However, ane time again these studies are hard to interpret, because the close mutual high-glycemic foods are by together with large highly processed, high-reward, together with depression inward fiber.  Adding to my skepticism, nearly all longer-term (10+ weeks) randomized, controlled trials receive got flora that the glycemic index of the diet makes lilliputian or no divergence inward calorie intake, trunk weight, or metabolic wellness (13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20).  This is consistent with the fact that many traditional cultures receive got remained thin together with salubrious eating diets that are extraordinarily rich inward high-to-medium-glycemic saccharide such equally cassava, yams, taro, sweetness potatoes, millet, rice, palm starch, together with potatoes (Western Diseases. Trowell together with Burkitt. 1981)

The single-meal studies that receive got been conducted to appointment receive got normally entirely focused on ane food, or a few foods, which makes it hard to generalize the findings.  What I genuinely desire to know is this: when people consume a diverseness of typical foods, is in that place whatsoever correlation betwixt the food's glycemic index together with how sum that somebody feels?  In other words, tin nosotros increase satiety past times favoring lower-glycemic foods over higher-glycemic foods inward the context of a typical diet?

I finally flora a written report that answers this question.  It was published inward 1996.

The study

Susanna Holt together with colleagues recruited salubrious college students, mostly thin only including a few that were overweight (21).  The inquiry squad fed the volunteers 240-Calorie portions of 38 mutual foods individually, together with measured satiety, glucose, together with insulin levels every fifteen minutes for 2 hours later on each examine meal.  Test foods included many of the close mutual foods people consume inward their everyday lives, for example, cereal, potatoes, fish, meat, fruit, nuts, pastries, rice, popcorn, together with bread.

The results

I'll cutting correct to the chase: in that place was no association whatsoever betwixt the glycemic acquit on of a nutrient together with the satiety it provided.

Potatoes (plain) were a remarkable outlier: they were the close satiating nutrient of all, despite a high glycemic index.


This outcome shows that alongside a broad diverseness of mutual foods, the glycemic index doesn't predict which ones volition live to a greater extent than filling than others, per unit of measurement calorie.  Other papers based on the exact same information prepare exhibit that a food's poly peptide content, calorie density, fiber content, together with palatability are all of import predictors of satiety (22), thus nosotros know this experiment was adequately designed to abide by effects on satiety.

One of import limitation is that the written report entirely lasted 2 hours.  It's possible that differences would receive got emerged if the volunteers had been studied for 3 or 4 hours.

In the end, I'm non convinced that non-diabetic people practise goodness much from the glycemic index concept.  As always, if you lot give away that low-glycemic foods assistance you lot command your appetite, together with thus past times all agency run on eating them.  Yet for close of us, the glycemic index seems similar an unnecessary complication.


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