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My Buddy Together With Me

Warning -- Satire -- Apr Fools Post

I direct maintain a sheepish confession to make: until recently, I had a tapeworm, in addition to that's why I'm lean.

In 2006, I took a trip to United Mexican United States of America amongst a few friends.  We frequently traveled through rural areas, in addition to of course of written report sampled the local cuisine wherever nosotros went.  In many parts of Mexico, pork is an of import food.  Some of it may direct maintain been a chip undercooked.

At the time, my involvement inwards nutrient in addition to wellness was growing, in addition to I was making many changes to my diet.  I was glad to come across the chubbiness only about my cervix in addition to waist stimulate to disappear.  The diet was working!  Or in addition to thence I thought...

In 2008, I began writing to part the data I idea had helped me.  Yet despite remaining lean, my unloose energy levels were flagging.  I would sometimes experience tired after ordinary activities similar a weekend of backpacking inwards the mountains.  A twelvemonth later, I noticed telltale signs of a tapeworm infection (I won't larn into the details).

At first, I was mortified.  Parasites are disgusting, in addition to peculiarly tapeworms.  They claw into your intestinal lining, feed on the partially digested nutrient that flows by them, in addition to shed large eggs into the stool.  I resolved to larn to the physician in addition to direct maintain it removed at in 1 trial using an antihelmintic drug that kills tapeworms.

I saw the doctor, filled my prescription, but when the fourth dimension came, I couldn't direct maintain the pills.  I had grown strangely fond of the piddling bugger.  Just similar our gut microbiota are a business office of who nosotros are equally individuals, I felt that this tapeworm was a business office of me.  Wherever I went, he went.  He was the best friend at that spot could be.

My Buddy
Meanwhile, I was eating insulin-spiking potatoes every hateful solar daytime amongst consummate impunity.  Starchy tubers, grains in addition to beans, sugar-filled fruits, fat-laden nuts in addition to avocados, meat.  I fifty-fifty sometimes seat dear on my yogurt in addition to berries.  Yet throughout this time, My Buddy helped me remain lean.

Why am I writing this now?  Last month, My Buddy passed away prematurely (tapeworms tin give the axe alive to a greater extent than than 25 years).  He was exclusively ix years old, which is almost 28 human years; a fellow inwards his prime.  Was it that habanero pepper I ate?  I'll never know.

What I practise know is that the charade is over.  No to a greater extent than potatoes, no to a greater extent than nuts, no to a greater extent than meat.  I'm going dorsum to the Eocene diet.

Apr fools!


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