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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... Hardee's Most American Thickburger!!

All I tin nation is... wow.  This monster, only unveiled past times Hardee's in addition to Carl's Jr., is a regular cheeseburger addition a smoked hot domestic dog in addition to murphy chips.  It weighs inward at a whopping 1,030 Calories, non including fries, soda, etc.

This is consistent alongside the company's recent policy of non only ignoring wellness concerns, but mocking them.  Nothing tin amount this upward ameliorate than the words of Hardee's CEO himself, Andrew Pudzer:
I promise our competitors decease along promoting those salubrious products, in addition to nosotros volition decease along promoting our big, juicy delicious burgers.
This contention encapsulates many of the reasons why the companionship is doing brisk concern at the moment.  They focus on the vantage value of nutrient without concerning themselves alongside the collateral harm to the wellness of their customers.  And they offering a lot of nutrient for non real much money.  It's a unproblematic formula, but it works.

Thanks to David Lawrence for the tip, in addition to the Boston Globe for the image.


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