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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky winner... the Pizza Hut Hot Dog Bites pizza!!!

What's upward amongst adding hot dogs to other junk foods these days?  Is in that place something almost ground-up nostrils that gives pizza crust a sure as shooting je ne sais quoi?

Something tells me that Pizza Hut is trying to heart upward its flat-lining sales yesteryear taking the Hardee's approach-- laying aside all wellness concerns in addition to trying to maximize nutrient vantage yesteryear piling on to a greater extent than grease in addition to processed meats.

"Pizza Hut has created the perfect combination for American gustation buds", proclaims the fellowship inwards a press release-- explicitly acknowledging its focus on nutrient reward.  The fact that this arguing mightiness truly live on truthful is sort of sad.

Thanks to WHS reader Scott Weigle for passing this along.  
Image credit: Pizza Hut.


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