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Drug Society Funded Enquiry Inwards The Novel England Magazine Of Medicine: This Feels Similar A Conflict Of Interest

Today I idea I'd read the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) as well as acquire something deeply meaningful. I commonly beloved the New England Journal (Wikipedia says it is "among the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals and the oldest continuously published one") because I experience similar it has such a potent history of academic excellence that whatever they impress volition bring value. This is in all likelihood non true.

The New England Journal
In 2009, Marcia Angell MD, a senior lecturer at Harvard University as well as the onetime Editor inwards Chief of the NEJM wrote an article entitled "Drug Companies as well as Doctors, a Tale of Corruption" inwards the New York Review virtually the agency drug companies skew query to encourage increasing as well as inappropriate role of medications. It was based on what she had seen published inwards the New England Journal as well as others. This mightiness bring been a hint that at that topographic point was something amiss inwards the contents of my favorite professional person publication.

In 2012, the Washington Post published an article virtually a diabetes drug, Avandia (rosiglitazone), which has proved to increase the necessitate chances of pump attacks as well as pump failure. The New England Journal decided to issue articles which reported results of studies funded past times GlaxoSmithKline, the companionship which produced the drug. These articles concealed information that showed that the drug was harmful. Editorial decisions were made which, at to the lowest degree inwards hindsight, were bad. The Washington Post article discussed the many ways inwards which a drug companionship which funds query for a medication tin manipulate the presentation of the information as well as acquire that version published inwards a prestigious mag which doctors similar me tend to believe.

The New England Journal has several sections, but the Original Articles is the ane I similar best. This is the department where novel query is reported. There is too the Perspective section, which has gotten to a greater extent than prominent inwards recent years, as well as consists of articles past times people who are inwards the thick of something, maybe bulk casualty situations, maybe wellness policy, big motion-picture demo articles. There are too editorials, commonly virtually the master articles, as well as at that topographic point are letters as well as prototype challenges as well as illustration presentations as well as educational updates virtually specific topics.

Articles this week: non great
This week's Original Articles were primarily virtually novel drugs, as well as were mostly funded past times the drug companies that volition or practice brand coin off of those drugs. Oh yeah, as well as ane virtually a novel diagnostic test, funded past times the companionship that volition brand coin off of that diagnostic test. There was ane article non funded past times manufacture which looked at the causes of pneumonia inwards patients who were admitted to the infirmary amongst it, reporting that the bulk were caused past times viruses.

The kickoff article was funded past times Pfizer as well as reported a novel chemotherapy drug for thorax cancer that, combined amongst some other chemotherapy drug which costs over $10,000 per calendar month results inwards longer survival. The novel drug's is non withal marketed as well as and so a cost has non withal been decided.

The minute was funded past times a Boston company, Vertex, for their novel production that tin trim back the lung problems that become along amongst cystic fibrosis, a genetic illness that causes pneumonia as well as problems amongst breathing. If the cost of other drugs for cystic fibrosis is a guide, its cost volition live on heaven high.

The 3rd article is funded past times Merck Sharp as well as Dohme, as well as studies their drug sitagliptan (Januvia), ane of the many drugs that trim back blood saccharide inwards patients amongst type 2 (generally adult onset) diabetes. The study was primarily to run into if their drug caused pump problems, because people idea that it might. They studied to a greater extent than than 14,000 patients for virtually 2 years as well as institute that their drug did non elbow grease pump problems at to the lowest degree over the course of instruction of those 2 years. It too didn't function real good to trim back blood sugar, but non much was made of this inwards the conclusions. The drug, which helps trim back blood sugars past times exactly a smidgen, costs $3000 a twelvemonth or thereabouts, far to a greater extent than than generic medications which function better.

The quaternary article evaluated a examination that could live on done to to a greater extent than accurately determine if a mortal has lung cancer at the fourth dimension of a bronchoscopy. Since the examination tin merely live on ordered at the fourth dimension of the bronchoscopy it volition in all likelihood live on ordered nearly all of the fourth dimension this examination is done, and, I'm exactly guessing, may exactly virtually double the cost of the procedure. The kickoff noted funding source for this study was Allegro Diagnostics, which volition live on marketing the product.

Then came the pneumonia article (yay, information I tin sink my teeth into.) If viruses elbow grease most cases of severe pneumonia, at that topographic point may genuinely live on some declaration for non putting everyone nosotros run into amongst pneumonia on antibiotics.

The in conclusion article which was funded past times GlaxoSmithKline looked at the powerfulness of an antibody to clear amyloid from the liver inwards a real rare status called systemic amyloidosis, which mainly causes expiry as well as disability through deposits of a poly peptide inwards diverse tissues, of which the liver is one. If this is released it volition live on real very real expensive as well as volition in all likelihood serve entirely to palliate a real rare disease.

Not to set downwards miracle drugs, because they are pretty cool, but perchance the Original Articles department should live on renamed Articles Funded past times Drug Companies Supporting the role of Very Expensive Medications.

Drugs as well as Doctors
Doctors are increasingly prescribing to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than expensive drugs for exactly virtually whatever complaint. Even the Onion has noticed (read this brief article as well as chuckle.) This is inwards no pocket-size business office because nosotros believe that drugs are the answer, because the query tells us so. The query that tells us as well as so is funded past times the companies that brand the medications, because they bring the coin to fund expensive studies. There is much less coin inwards query on cool materials similar what causes severe pneumonia. According to the Washington Post article, the NEJM had published threescore articles virtually novel drugs that were funded past times drug companies inwards the twelvemonth prior to the study inwards 2012. Since it publishes 54 times a year, that's exactly a deport upon over 1 article per issue. This week's number had 4 such articles addition the ane virtually the lung cancer test. It seems similar they may live on escalating.

But why does the New England Journal issue this stuff?  I recall this may live on a big business office of it: nosotros all beloved magic potions--it's inwards our basic makeup equally people. Even societies nearly untouched past times pharmaceutical companies please inwards miracle cures. Doctors as well as chemists beloved to dabble inwards potion making as well as testing, hoping for that amazing regain that abolishes misery as well as old age. They bring fifty-fifty been successful--look at penicillin as well as many others. But when big coin backs these endeavors to the exclusion of other skilful science, nosotros tend to focus on them, as well as our professional person publications volition reverberate that inwards what they publish. Unfortunately the economical forces at function favor creating potions that sell, as well as non necessarily ones which work. Even though I recall I empathize the rationale, it's pretty disappointing that ane of the "oldest as well as most prestigious peer reviewed journals" is filling its pages amongst query that is funded past times the companies that financially practice goodness from positive results as well as thus is probable to live on skewed as well as misleading.


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