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Food Vantage Friday

This week's luck winner... soy sauce!!

Food Reward Fri isn't simply virtually culinary monstrosities created yesteryear profit-hungry corporations.  It's equally good virtually the everyday items, lurking inwards all of our pantries, which increase the vantage value of our diet as well as sometimes motility us to overeat.

Soy sauce is a traditional flavour enhancer used inwards many parts of Asia, as well as it has been simply about for at to the lowest degree 1,500 years.  It's a concentrated mixture of amino acids as well as salt, produced yesteryear the fermentation of soybeans as well as grains.  The fermentation procedure breaks downward the poly peptide inwards soybeans, releasing amino acids including glutamate-- the "umami" amino acid that gives soy sauce its meaty punch.

The combination of meaty glutamate as well as tabular array salt is a rigid ane for our reward-sensitive encephalon regions, which are attuned to both flavors.  Chefs accept long known that glutamate, establish inwards soy sauce but equally good industrially produced inwards crystalline form, draws people to their food.

The history of nutrient processing applied scientific discipline has been ane of gradually increasing the concentration of the rewarding "active ingredients" inwards food, as well as soy sauce falls squarely inwards this pattern.  The master agency of getting glutamate was via cooked meat, as well as this may live why our brains are attuned to it.  Eventually, nosotros figured out how to piece of job to a greater extent than glutamate yesteryear boiling bones or seaweed inwards water.  Then, nosotros invented high-glutamate fermented sauces similar fish sauce as well as soy sauce.  The lastly footstep was learning to create crystalline monosodium glutamate, the purest shape of the rewarding "active ingredient" the human encephalon seeks.  MSG is the crevice cocaine of glutamate.

With each technological advance, the link betwixt vantage value as well as nutritional value became weaker.  MSG is the culmination of this trend-- it's pure flavour but it contains virtually no nutritional value.  Soy sauce lies somewhere betwixt meat as well as MSG.


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