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Refined Saccharide Worsens Blood Lipid Markers Of Cardiovascular Disease

Blood lipids such every bit LDL together with HDL cholesterol are markers of the biological processes that impact cardiovascular disease, together with they are unremarkably measured to assess cardiovascular risk.  When nosotros intend almost the impact of nutrient on blood lipids, dietary fatty typically comes to mind.  Yet a novel study shows that dietary carbohydrate, specifically high-fructose corn syrup, tin possess got a large impact on blood lipid markers of cardiovascular affliction risk.


Dietary fats possess got well-established impacts on blood lipids.  For example, inwards short-term feeding trials, saturated fatty tends to increment total cholesterol, increment LDL ("bad") cholesterol, together with increment HDL ("good") cholesterol, spell the omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty linoleic acid decreases total cholesterol together with decreases LDL cholesterol.  For this reason, dietary advice to cut cardiovascular endangerment tends to focus on dietary fat.

The hypothesis that refined dietary refined saccharify is harmful to the cardiovascular arrangement isn't new.  In 1972, British physiologist together with nutrition researcher John Yudkin published a classic mass called Pure, White, together with Deadly, which argued, amid other things, that refined refined saccharify is harmful to the cardiovascular system.  Yet at the time, the supporting information were weak, together with the hypothesis was never taken really seriously past times the scientific community.

Peter Havel together with his grouping at UC Davis possess got begun to breathe novel life into this hypothesis amongst their rigorous function on the cardiovascular effects of dietary sugars.

The study

Havel's squad recruited 85 lean to obese volunteers that didn't possess got diabetes, kidney or liver disease, or high blood pressure level (1).  They divided the volunteers into 4 groups, each of which received a dissimilar amount of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) imbibe daily for 2 weeks:
  1. 0 pct of calorie requirements every bit HFCS
  2. 10 pct of calorie requirements every bit HFCS
  3. 17.5 percent of calorie requirements every bit HFCS
  4. 25 percent of calorie requirements every bit HFCS
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 non-caloric sweetener (aspartame) was added to the 0 together with 10 pct beverages together with thence that they had a similar sweetness grade every bit the 17.5 together with 25 pct beverages.

After the two-week period, Havel's squad measured the volunteers' trunk weight, blood lipids, together with uric acid grade (a marking of gout endangerment together with also maybe metabolic health).


After 2 weeks of drinking their assigned beverages daily, trunk weight increased amongst increasing HFCS dose.  This became non-significant afterwards additional statistical adjustment (adjustment for multiple comparisons, which is rigorous), but the tendency is notwithstanding clear.  People inwards grouping 4 ended upwards gaining 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg), together with the amount of weight gained was direct proportional to the dose of HFCS. 
Effect of HFCS dose on trunk weight.  Adapted from Stanhope et al., AJCN, 2015.
This is called a "dose-response relationship" because stepwise increases of the HFCS dose led to stepwise increasese of trunk weight.  A dose-response human relationship provides really rigid prove that an upshot is real.  

Havel's grouping also found dose-response relationships betwixt HFCS dose together with blood lipid levels.  The higher the HFCS dose, the higher the LDL climbed over the two-week period.  While LDL decreased slightly inwards grouping i receiving no HFCS, it increased past times xviii pct inwards grouping 4.  ApoB concentration, a marking of LDL particle number, increased past times xix percent.

Effect of HFCS dose on fasting LDL cholesterol.  Adapted from Stanhope et al., AJCN, 2015. 
Uric acid levels also increased inwards a dose-response fashion amongst increasing HFCS.


This novel newspaper from Peter Havel's grouping suggests that supplementing the diet amongst HFCS leads to weight gain together with detrimental changes inwards blood lipids.  The increases inwards LDL cholesterol together with ApoB concentration they observed would move expected to atomic number 82 to a meaning increment inwards cardiovascular risk.  The higher the dose of HFCS, the worse the outcomes.

This study is sure enough interesting, but it requires around interpretation.  The get-go matter to greenback is that calories weren't held constant, together with volunteers were given calorie-rich beverages to imbibe inwards the context of their habitual eating patterns.  Usually inwards trials similar this, when yous enquire people to add together a calorie-rich nutrient to their normal regimen, they don't fully compensate for the excess calories together with terminate upwards overeating.  Judging past times the increment inwards trunk weight, that appears to possess got happened here.  

Many studies possess got evaluated the impact of refined refined saccharify on trunk weight, metabolism, together with cardiovascular endangerment markers.  John Sievenpiper, a nutrition researcher at the University of Toronto, together with his colleagues possess got conducted systematic meta-analyses of the studies on fructose-containing sugars, together with their results demo that at that topographic point is a large departure betwixt studies inwards which calories were held constant together with those inwards which sugar-eating groups increased their calorie intake.  Basically, when calories are held constant, fructose has petty unique impact on weight, metabolism, or cardiovascular endangerment factors (2, 3, 4, 5, 6).  When refined saccharify intake together with calorie intake rising inwards parallel, refined saccharify increases trunk weight together with begins to crusade harmful metabolic together with cardiovascular changes.  My interpretation of the prove is that refined refined saccharify exacerbates the harmful effects of overeating.  

So the increment inwards calorie intake that presumably occurred inwards Havel's study is highly relevant to the outcome he observed.  Yet, nosotros ask to retrieve that refined refined saccharify tends to promote overeating, together with thence inwards existent life, it's really mutual for a high refined saccharify intake together with overeating to co-exist.  At the same time, when a individual makes a major dietary alter such every bit adding a large quantity of sweetened beverages to his diet all of a sudden, at that topographic point is an adaptation catamenia during which he gradually adjusts the residue of his diet to the change.  My suspicion is that the calorie intake of grouping 4 went agency upwards at first, but that it would possess got gradually stabilized at a to a greater extent than normal (but perhaps notwithstanding a fleck also high) grade every bit they began to compensate for the excess calories.  In other words, I would aspect the long-term effects on weight together with blood lipids to move somewhat attenuated relative to what was reported inwards this two-week trial.

Elevated uric acid is a marking of impaired metabolic purpose together with increased gout risk.  The increased uric acid inwards the HFCS-consuming groups is non good, together with in all probability reflects a combination of overeating together with high fructose intake.  

Although Havel's squad used HFCS for this study, the prove overall suggests that HFCS is pretty much the same every bit sucrose (table sugar).  For me, the outcome is relevant to all forms of refined refined saccharify that are almost one-half fructose together with one-half glucose.

In the end, I intend this novel study does heighten serious questions almost the wellness impacts of eating refined sugar-- peculiarly for cardiovascular health.  As nosotros collectively recover from our 'sugar mania' phase, inwards which every ailment nether the Sun was blamed on sugar, I intend nosotros tin settle into a to a greater extent than nuanced stance of refined refined saccharify every bit a dietary ingredient that interacts amongst excess calorie intake to adversely touching trunk weight, metabolic health, together with the endangerment of cardiovascular disease.

And every bit a reminder, at that topographic point is notwithstanding no prove whatsoever that refined saccharify from fresh fruit is fattening or harmful to health.  The prove currently suggests that fresh fruit, if anything, is slimming together with promotes skillful health.  This is in all probability because fresh fruit doesn't favor overeating, together with it also delivers an array of other beneficial substances such every bit polyphenols together with fiber.



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