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Will Yous Fill Upwardly Out This Paleo Diet Survey?

This week, I received an email from a graduate educatee at Humboldt State University named May PatiƱo.  She asked me to portion her online query survey targeted to Paleo dieters.  Here are the goals of her research, inwards her words:
The primary objective of my written report is exploring how the Paleo diet is beingness implemented inwards practice.  I would similar to assess the wellness outcomes of these practices, every bit good evaluate how closely they accommodate to, or deviate from ways this diet is beingness described inwards theoretical literature, together with implemented inwards controlled diet trials. I also desire to travel able to role the information collected to assistance explicate what is driving the popularity of the ancestral wellness movement. Ultimately, I would similar this information to travel used to ameliorate inform protocols for controlled diet trails.
The survey took me almost xl minutes to complete.  You're welcome to participate whether or non you're on the Paleo diet.  Please regard taking the survey, for the dearest of science!

Research Survey: The Paleo Diet inwards the US


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