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What One Eat

People oft enquire me what I eat.  I've been reluctant to share, because it feels egocentric together with I'm a private mortal past times nature.  I too don't desire people to see my diet equally a universal prescription for others.  But inwards the end, equally someone who shares my opinions virtually nutrition, it's exclusively fair that I response the question.  So hither nosotros go.

In my nutrient choices, I effort to strike a residuum betwixt nutrition, cost, fourth dimension efficiency, animate existence welfare, pleasure, together with environmental impact.  I'm the chef of my menage of two, together with I develop 2 meals a day, almost every day, typically from unmarried ingredients.  I prefer organic, but I don't insist on it.

Eggs from my hens
My diet changes seasonally because I grow much of my ain food.  This started out amongst vegetables, but lately has expanded to staple foods such equally potatoes, flour corn, together with wintertime squash.  I too receive got a little flock of laying hens that plough tabular array scraps, bugs, grass, together with chicken feed into delicious eggs.

The primary guiding regulation of my diet is to swallow somewhere betwixt a "Paleolithic"-style diet together with a traditional agricultural/horticultural diet.  I intend of it equally a broad ancestral diet.  Because it's partially inspired past times agricultural/horticultural diets, starch is the mind calorie source.

My meals are organized precisely about 3 nutrient groups: a protein, a starch, together with vegetables/fruit.  If whatsoever of those 3 are missing, the repast doesn't experience complete.  I'll starting fourth dimension amongst those categories together with motility on from there.


I swallow some cast of fresh meat virtually every other day, most oft poultry or fish.  Lately I've been eating deer from my breast freezer (my hunting flavor was unsuccessful, but I got meat anyway because my hunting partner was successful together with I helped him butcher).  My meat portions are unremarkably modest, together with I oft lay it into stews together with other such dishes to extend it.  I too tend to purchase whole animals or cuts amongst bones, thence I tin give notice brand os broth, which I utilization to pep upward soups together with stews.  For example, I oft roast whole chickens or fish.  I rarely swallow processed meat.

When I'm non eating meat, I'm unremarkably eating beans, lentils, or eggs.  I swallow a lot of beans together with lentils because they're healthy, environmentally friendly, inexpensive, together with don't enhance animate existence husbandry concerns.  There is abundant evidence that humans receive got been eating legumes since long earlier agriculture, together with historical hunter-gatherers too relied on a broad diversity of legumes.  I purchase dry out beans inwards mass together with soak them overnight earlier cooking.  It's thence cheap, it mightiness equally good live free.  I swallow 1-2 eggs per day.

In add-on to eggs, I too brand my ain yogurt from whole milk.  I become through virtually a pint of it a week.  Eggs together with yogurt function along me satisfied on days when my meals would otherwise non incorporate whatsoever animate existence food.  I love cheese, but I don't swallow it really much because I don't unremarkably receive got breadstuff around.

I swallow a lot of unsalted roasted nuts together with peanuts, together with a fair amount of peanut butter.  I function along a giant purse of unsalted, roasted in-shell peanuts precisely about inwards instance I desire a snack.  Because I receive got to crunch them individually together with they aren't salted, I don't overeat them.  I too unremarkably receive got a jounce of raw almonds on hand, which I utilization for snacking, for almond milk, together with equally an element inwards stews.  Unsalted nuts together with fresh fruit are typically the exclusively visible, right away edible foods inwards my kitchen.


Potatoes reign equally my unmarried largest beginning of calories from September through March.  We harvested 800 lbs of potatoes from the garden terminal season, together with we've already gone through most of them.  Contrary to claims that the quickly-digesting starch inwards potatoes makes yous hungry together with fat, I discovery that potatoes function along me total for a long time, together with I sure haven't gained whatsoever weight.  I unremarkably bake or microwave them whole, together with swallow them apparently equally utilization of my meals.  I too sometimes toss them inwards a petty fossil oil together with plough them into oven fries for a treat.  The skins become to our hens.
Our murphy field.  You tin give notice encounter some corn on the function past times right.
I swallow a diversity of grains together with pseudograins, peculiarly corn, rolled oats, brownish together with white rice, together with buckwheat.  I swallow oats amongst mineral-rich yogurt to brand upward for its high score of phytic acid.  I too brand popcorn sometimes.  I don't swallow much wheat, but I do swallow whole grain breadstuff from fourth dimension to time, together with white breadstuff or pasta on special occasions.

I oft utilization buckwheat, rice, together with chickpeas to brand a sort of starchy "pancake".  I soak the ingredients overnight, rinse well, grind it all into a fine batter inwards my Vita-Mix amongst salt, together with and then utilization the batter to brand thick, savory pancakes onto which I lay other foods.  I invented this recipe, but it's inspired past times the practices of many traditional cultures.

I grow flour corn (Painted Mountain), together with utilization most of it to brand masa.  This involves the traditional South American method of nixtamalization, which makes corn to a greater extent than digestible together with nutritious.  Nixtamalizing together with grinding the corn is labor-intensive, but it results inwards satisfying, hearty tortillas together with tamales.  I too utilization the corn to brand build hominy together with flour.

Painted Mountain flour corn
Homemade tortillas from PM corn. Note the regal color,
which results from the corn's high polyphenol together with carotenoid content.
I grow a large amount of sweetness together with starchy wintertime squash.  We swallow it fresh over the course of didactics of virtually half dozen months, together with lay a lot of cooked mash into the breast freezer for the repose of the year.  I grow gourmet varieties, such equally 'delicata' together with 'Oregon homestead sweetness meat', which don't require added carbohydrate or fatty to sense of savour good.  I either roast them together with serve them plain, or utilization them inwards soups together with stews.  I feed the skins together with little seeds to my hens, together with the large seeds to myself.

Vegetables together with fruit

Me 'n my giant broccoli.
Most of the vegetables I swallow come upward from my garden.  Since I alive inwards the Maritime Northwest, conditions are favorable for cool-weather crops 8+ months of the year.  Some hardy plants, similar kale, tin give notice live year-round, together with fifty-fifty live somewhat productive inwards winter.  I tend to swallow a lot of lettuce together with kale because they're unremarkably abundant.  Broccoli too thrives hither for most of the year.

Garden tomatoes
In summer, nosotros swallow a lot of dark-green beans, tomatoes, together with summertime squash.

I supplement my garden create amongst store-bought onions, carrots, celery, canned tomatoes, avocados, together with occasionally other vegetables.  I swallow a lot of onions.  I purchase 10-lb bags of yellowish onions, lay them inwards the garage, together with nosotros don't receive got whatsoever problem going through them earlier they spoil.

I brand my ain sauerkraut, which nosotros swallow raw because nosotros similar the crunch.  Overall, I in all likelihood swallow virtually 3-5 servings of vegetables per day.

I love fruit together with I swallow a lot of it.  I'll swallow whatsoever fruit, but I swallow apples, bananas, together with blueberries the most.  I harvest a diversity of berries from my garden inwards summertime, together with lay some inwards my breast freezer for autumn together with winter.  I in all likelihood average virtually 3-5 servings of fruit per twenty-four sixty minutes catamenia (keep inwards hear that a medium apple tree is virtually 2 servings).  Fruit is the exclusively dessert I eat, amongst rare exceptions.

Fats, salt, sugar, together with other flavorings

I utilization the minimum amount of added fatty I withdraw to brand my nutrient palatable.  I don't stair out how much I use, but it's non a lot.  Most of my added fatty is extra-virgin olive oil, but I too utilization small-scale amounts of grass-fed butter together with high-oleic sunflower oil.  I utilization olive oil, cider vinegar, together with mustard to brand large batches of vinaigrette dressing that I function along on my counter for utilization on salad together with other vegetables.

I utilization tabular array salt inwards my cooking, but i time to a greater extent than exclusively the minimum required to brand my nutrient palatable.

I almost never utilization carbohydrate inwards my food, except occasionally when I'm entertaining together with I create upward one's hear to brand a fancy dessert (e.g., flan).  I utilization a petty fleck of beloved hither together with there, but non often.  I don't utilization other added sweeteners.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 diversity of herbs together with spices brand their means into my food, but the most mutual are bay leaf, chili pepper, rosemary, garlic, together with thyme (I grow the terminal 3 inwards my garden).  I utilization soy sauce together with sriracha sometimes.

I tend to develop simply, focusing on the satisfying flavors of character ingredients rather than relying heavily on added fats, sugar, salt, together with flavors.


My primary potable is water, either lead from the tap, or carbonated from my keg (usually amongst a petty added flavor, similar grapefruit rind together with citric acid).

I average virtually v alcoholic drinks a week, typically difficult cider or wine, but sometimes too beer or spirits.  I brand my ain cider, wine, together with beer.  I much prefer my ain dry out cider to the alcoholic apple tree juice that's sold inwards the US.  I to a greater extent than oft than non avoid drinking alcohol 2 nights inwards a row.

I imbibe dark tea on most mornings, amongst cipher inwards it.  Sometimes I'll receive got half-caf coffee, amongst or without a splash of milk.

I can't recollect the terminal fourth dimension I drank sweetness soda, together with I don't fifty-fifty relish it at this cry for inwards my life.  I do occasionally imbibe Gatorade on peculiarly strenuous cycling or backpacking trips.

Junk food

I swallow junk nutrient sometimes.  By that I hateful highly palatable, calorie-dense, nutritionally questionable foods.  Pizza together with H2O ice cream are 2 of my favorites, but I too sometimes swallow tortilla chips, bacon, French fries, or other goodies.  When I swallow junk nutrient inwards public, I brand jokes virtually looking out for paparazzi.

Honestly, if I were to add together it all up, including when I become to restaurants together with receive got dinner amongst friends, I in all likelihood swallow some form of junk nutrient at to the lowest degree i time a week.  I don't experience guilty; I precisely relish it.  It's all utilization of the plan.

I swallow at a eating seat virtually twice a month, which isn't necessarily junk food, but is rarely equally salubrious equally what I cook.  Most of us tend to overeat at restaurants, together with I'm no exception.

I purchase 25-pound bags of white carbohydrate at Costco.  I utilization it to brand (dry) fruit wine, but it sure does await bad!  If yous encounter me on the comprehend of a tabloid magazine, clutching a giant purse of carbohydrate amongst a crazed await inwards my eye, you'll know what happened.


The exclusively supplement I receive got is vitamin D3 inwards winter.  My destination is to receive got K IU per day, but I unremarkably forget.

A twenty-four sixty minutes catamenia inwards my life

Now yous know what ingredients I use, but non how I utilization them.  Here are a few examples of typical meals.


I alternate betwixt 2 breakfasts: a apparently (baked or microwaved) murphy together with a fried egg, or oatmeal, yogurt, together with blueberries.


Lunch is unremarkably catch-as-catch-can.  Typically, I'll swallow dinner leftovers amongst a murphy or tortillas, together with a slice of fruit.  Sometimes I'll fissure opened upward a tin give notice of salmon or sardines (canned inwards water).  Nuts are unremarkably involved.


My most frequent dinner is some form of thick stew made amongst meat or beans/lentils, summation onions, other vegetables, together with a pair of herbs or spices.  The base of operations is unremarkably os broth or diced tomatoes.  I too roast whole chickens, turkeys, together with fish, together with I poach salmon steaks.

I too oft brand a bed of cooked vegetables inwards a sauce made of stewed tomatoes, olive oil, together with herbs, fissure 2 eggs into it per person, together with develop amongst the lid on.

I swallow the mind dish amongst a generous helping of potatoes, rice, tortillas, or my savory grain "pancakes".  There's too typically a side of vegetables: most oft some form of salad amongst homemade vinaigrette, steamed broccoli amongst vinaigrette, roasted squash, or sauerkraut.  Dessert is a slice of fruit, or, from fourth dimension to time, dark chocolate.



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