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Invincible Coffee: The Adjacent Development Of Joe

Warning -- Satire -- sometime Apr Fools post!

You've heard of Bulletproof Coffee, that mixture of java together with butter that keeps you lot thin together with supercharges your mental focus.

The occupation amongst Bulletproof Coffee is that the butter forms a greasy crude oil slick on transcend of your coffee.  Yuck!  Is in that place whatsoever means to rescue Bulletproof Coffee?

Enter Invincible Coffee, the side yesteryear side development of Joe.

Invincible Coffee relies on a scientific breakthrough nutrient that has all the nutritional qualities of butter, but disperses evenly into java without forming an crude oil slick on top.  It's called "cream".

Cream is made of millions of tiny droplets of butter.  Fact: cream is xc per centum butter yesteryear dry out weight.  And one-half of the residue is protein!

Check out this magnified sentiment of the tiny butter droplets suspended inward cream:

Image credit: Dave Walker.
Did you lot know that java tin incorporate the unsafe chemic dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO)?  In fact, testing indicates that a loving cup of Bulletproof Coffee is to a greater extent than than 99 per centum DHMO!  Do you lot actually desire to set chemicals into your body?  Think nearly it.

Invincible Coffee, only stated, is the scientific spousal human relationship of high-quality toxin-free java together with cream.  No blending, no mixing, no crude oil slicks.  Just pure, nutritious, brain-stimulating, fat-burning superfoods.  Move over Bulletproof Coffee, the side yesteryear side evolutionary footstep has arrived.

For a express fourth dimension only, I'll hold out selling Invincible Coffee Starter Packs, each containing ingredients for 3 cups of coffee, for $57.99 inward my April Fools Store.



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