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The Hungry Brain: Mass Update

In Jan of this year, I handed inward a consummate manuscript draft of my showtime book, The Hungry Brain, to my editor at Flatiron Books.  This mass represents to a greater extent than than 2 full-time years of my life, together with I can't hold off for it to striking shelves.  It's markedly unlike from whatsoever other mass inward its category, together with believe it has the potential to substantially modify the populace conversation on eating conduct together with obesity.

In the procedure of writing The Hungry Brain, I read countless papers together with interviewed 36 leading researchers inward the fields of neuroscience, obesity research, together with anthropology.  I had my encephalon scanned inward an fMRI machine spell looking at junk food.  I commissioned together with compiled 47 illustrations, schematics, together with graphs, to a greater extent than oft than non past times a skilled medical illustrator named Shizuka Aoki.  Yet the mass volition live on accessible to anyone who loves science.

This mass is non nearly me or my the world views.  It's non a conspiracy floor nearly how everything we've been told is genuinely wrong, nor is it a critique of existing ideas nearly eating conduct together with obesity-- although I do right some misconceptions along the way.  It's nearly the incredible together with speedily evolving the world of enquiry that has together with thus much to instruct us nearly ourselves, but rarely trickles downwards into the populace sphere inward a useful form.

In interviews this year, I said I thought the mass would live on out only about September 2016.  That was based on a fossil oil guess my agent gave me final year.  Sadly, it won't live on out until showtime quarter 2017-- the gears plough like shooting fish in a barrel inward the publishing industry.  But the practiced tidings is that Flatiron Books is using this fourth dimension to do a dandy chore of copyediting, interior design, encompass design, together with marketing, to brand sure this mass is every bit practiced every bit it tin be, together with gets into every bit many hands every bit possible.  I'll supply a improve appointment guess when I create got one.

In the meantime, taste this brusque description of the book:

From an obesity together with neuroscience researcher alongside a knack for storytelling, The Hungry Brain uses cutting-edge scientific discipline to response the questions: why do nosotros overeat, together with what tin nosotros do nearly it?

No i wants to overeat. And sure no i wants to overeat for years, larn overweight, together with cease upwards alongside a high adventure of diabetes or heart together with mortal disease--yet 2 thirds of Americans do exactly that.  Even though nosotros know better, nosotros oft consume besides much. Why does our conduct betray our ain intentions to live on lean together with healthy? The problem, argues obesity together with neuroscience researcher Stephan J. Guyenet, is non necessarily a lack of willpower or an wrong agreement of what to eat. Rather, our appetites together with nutrient choices are led astray past times ancient, instinctive encephalon circuits that play past times the rules of a survival game that no longer exists. And these circuits don’t tending nearly how y'all await inward a bathing adapt adjacent summer.

To brand the case, The Hungry Brain takes readers on an eye-opening journeying through cutting-edge neuroscience that has never earlier been available to a full general audience. The Hungry Brain delivers profound insights into why the encephalon undermines our weight goals together with transforms these insights into practical guidelines for eating good together with staying slim. Along the way, it explores how the human encephalon works, revealing how this mysterious organ makes us who nosotros are.



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