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Reducing My Cardiovascular Risks--The Ongoing Saga

About five months agone I embarked on an adventure inward healthcare. My healthcare. I decided to receive got medicine to cut back my cardiovascular risk. I recognize that my cardiovascular risk is pretty low, too when I am much older I may wishing for a overnice build clean cardiac expiry earlier I lose my faculties. Having establish a plaque inward my carotid artery piece ultrasounding myself, I decided that perchance I should acquire into the ranks of consumers who receive got drugs to cut back their blood pressure level too cholesterol.

Astute readers made diverse comments, including that perchance I should commencement endeavour diet, weight loss, practise too that I should live aware that someone of my description has a depression likelihood of truly benefiting from drug handling of these things. These were reasonable comments. It turns out that I don't demand to lose weight, existence at the bottom of the healthy arrive at of trunk volume index, too that my practise marking is pretty optimal, my diet is every bit prove based every bit I tin laissez passer notice brand it, too although I receive got a depression risk for vascular disease, the ultrasound says I receive got it anyway.

I made it my mission to notice drugs that would lower my risk of stroke too take in assault without sacrificing my wellness too good being. This has been surprisingly tricky.

No side effects
If I am to receive got pills for decades on the small-scale risk that they volition proceed me from having some vile wellness event, they demand to displace me no trouble. That agency they can't brand me experience bad too they can't cost real much money. They should also live unlikely to kill me.

I started amongst lisinopril, an inhibitor of the enzyme that converts angiotensin to its active form. It is an quondam drug too inexpensive. It tin laissez passer notice kill me past times making my natural language dandy upwards unpredictably, but that is real unlikely. In sure circumstances it tin laissez passer notice displace kidney failure, but it tin laissez passer notice also foreclose kidney failure. It is normally quite effective inward reducing blood pressure. My chemist's charges exactly over $1 for a 1 calendar month supply. I establish that it wanted to acquire stuck going downwards my pharynx (it's non real slippery) too that at a depression dose it didn't do much to lower my blood pressure.

Statin drugs cut back cholesterol too cut back vascular disease, though their effects inward patients who receive got non had whatsoever cardiovascular events are minimal. Atorvastatin is pretty cheap, less than $10 a calendar month through my pharmacy. It tin laissez passer notice definitely brand my muscles weak too painful, but I haven't noticed that too therefore far. If it does brand me weaker, I may never live aware of that, exactly thinking that I am experiencing normal aging. Since I am hoping to purchase vibrant health, that would live a nasty niggling irony. It almost never kills anyone, other than past times causing a slight increase inward the incidence of diabetes, which definitely does kill people. My doc told me I had to receive got it at night, which agency that I forget to receive got it most of the time. The argue that a soul should receive got a statin at nighttime is because it plant best during fasting states. But atorvastatin is a long acting statin too tin laissez passer notice live taken whatsoever fourth dimension of day. Now I volition start existence to a greater extent than compliant, taking all of my pills at the same time, vaguely amongst breakfast. After my commencement calendar month of taking it nearly every day, my cholesterol was lower than it had ever been, good inside guidelines. Whether this is a relevant surrogate mensurate for whatsoever sort of wellness benefit, I'm non sure.

Chlorthalidone or Atenolol/Chlorthalidone
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 recent meta-analysis showed that chlorthalidone, an quondam too less oft used thiazide diuretic, may live to a greater extent than effective than its sis drug, hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), inward preventing cardiovascular disease. Other studies receive got shown that it is to a greater extent than potent, milligram for milligram too to a greater extent than long lasting. Unfortunately it is also to a greater extent than expensive than HCTZ past times a ingredient of to a greater extent than than 10. It is, however, inexpensive when combined amongst atenolol, a beta blocker. (Why it is to a greater extent than expensive than its newer relative too less expensive inward combination amongst atenolol is some other story that has to do amongst the dysfunctional economic science of drug pricing.)  Thiazide diuretics tin laissez passer notice lower the potassium marking too the sodium levels too past times that machinery tin laissez passer notice kill people, but this tin laissez passer notice live monitored too is rare inward its most severe forms. Beta blockers receive got been associated amongst dangerously depression take in rates inward some people along amongst weight gain too depression, but this is non common. I tried the combination. I had to acquire upwards too pee to a greater extent than often at nighttime but otherwise it was innocuous. It did non lower my blood pressure level real much if at all.

Lisinopril inward combination amongst a thiazide diuretic such every bit HCTZ or chlorthalidone is much to a greater extent than effective than either drug alone. They brand a generic combination pill too it is also real cheap, exactly close the same cost every bit lisinopril alone. I got a prescription for xc of these, too afterwards having taken 2 establish they controlled my blood pressure level real nicely, were slowly to swallow too made me itch too burn downwards inward my sun-exposed areas of skin. HCTZ is good known to do this. Chlorthalidone tin laissez passer notice too, since they are similar inward structure, but it didn't receive got that number on me. Know anyone who needs 88 lisinopril/HCTZ tablets?

No drug manufacturer inward the the U.S. of A. makes a combination pill of these two, too I'm betting when they do it volition live expensive. But I did, afterwards all, endeavour taking lisinopril addition a one-half of an atenolol/chlorthalidone pill which has caused no side effects other than the annoyance of the lisinopril pill taking its fourth dimension to navigate my esophagus. Hooray! Maybe. It in all probability gives me a niggling tickle inward my throat. This is classic for lisinopril too is real subtle indeed for me. I don't coughing all the time, but notice that every bit I autumn asleep or am otherwise non occupied, I notice the demand to coughing or receive got a gulp of H2O to clear the tickle. This is nearly a bargain breaker, but I am willing to hold back awhile too run into if it persists. This combination plant good for my blood pressure.

Why not? Aspirin reduces the vogue of platelets to clump too shape clots, too therefore it should cut back my risk of strokes. It volition also increase my risk of meaning bleeding. Aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, too fifty-fifty though depression doses do non piece of occupation to quell genu or dorsum pain, they tin laissez passer notice displace ulcers or heartburn. I had heartburn every bit a wee medical pupil but haven't had it for years. As a novel aspirin user I receive got it again. Nothing terrible, but non nothing.

So theoretically I am right away on lisinopril, atenolol/chlorthalidone, atorvastatin too aspirin. They pretty cheap, closed to $10/month for everything. That silent is $120 for a twelvemonth too $1200 for 10 years too probable to become upwards inward cost amongst time. I am a niggling to a greater extent than misfortunate than I was on no drugs at all, too I am existence bad close both compliance (taking the pills all the time) too followup. My risk of benefiting from these drugs is low. The pills are on probation.

It is of import to ask, piece contemplating a lifelong commitment to deliberately putting toxic chemicals into my body, if my information is sufficient. My blood pressure level runs 140-160/90-94 untreated (though it is quite normal afterwards xx minutes of meditation.) We know that treating a population of people to convey their blood pressure level downwards below those numbers reduces take in attacks too strokes, but do nosotros know that my blood pressure, inward the setting of otherwise skilful health, is harmful at all to me? I receive got a carotid plaque: it is non obstructing catamenia to whatsoever extent, but is impressively lumpy too looks similar Mt. Fuji on i view. It is calcified, too therefore it has been at that spot awhile. It in all probability formed earlier I fifty-fifty had high blood pressure. Did it tumble out inward the physical stress of childbirth? Was it formed inward whatsoever of the stressful years when bad life events disturbed my otherwise charmed existence? Is it exactly a signpost indicating a path non taken, or volition it eventually live i of many? In a nutshell, am I exactly fine the way I am?

So far the experiment amongst pills has non been a big win. I receive got definitely gained, however, from the experience of existence a patient, though a mighty privileged one. I receive got learned that side effects are real, fifty-fifty if they aren't on the bundle insert, too may live inward categories similar inconvenience, worry too ever wondering if I receive got a side effect. I receive got learned that effective medication tin laissez passer notice live pretty inexpensive, but that the dollar cost belies the expense associated amongst the life disruption that taking pills tin laissez passer notice have. And that fifty-fifty inexpensive pills add together upwards over time. I've learned that when effective medication doesn't receive got the desired effect, it is sometimes because the patient isn't taking the medication, but sometimes because a given pill exactly doesn't tweak a given person's physiology inward a way that works. I've learned that fifty-fifty though I view myself to live real tolerant too slowly going when it comes to physical hardship, if I mentioned all of these concerns to a personal doc I would almost sure audio similar a whiner.



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