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How Build 100 % Natural Burgundy Hair Coloring With Henna - Coloring Your Hair Naturally At Home

 Natural Burgundy Hair Color With Henna  How Make  How Brand 100 % Natural Burgundy Pilus Coloring Amongst Henna - Coloring Your Pilus Naturally At Home

How Make 100 % Natural Burgundy Hair Color With Henna - Color Your Hair Naturally At Home

Today I am sharing How to Color Your Hair Naturally At Home. Many people’s wants to color their pilus alongside extra colored tint like burgundy, red, maroon etc., precisely they don’t wishing to live on chemicals or dyes.

SO, I am sharing natural means to color your pilus burgundy or ruddy alongside natural ingredients. 100 % Natural Burgundy Color alongside Henna pack.


• Henna powder, every fleck per your pilus length
• Amla powder
• Beetroot juice
• Egg (Optional)


1. Take henna pulverization inward a bowl
2. Add ii spoons of amla powder
3. Mix it well
4. Now add together together beetroot juice slice of cake inward this pulverization until you lot operate smoothen lump gratuitous paste.
5. Cover it also larn out it overnight.
6. Next 24-hour interval add together together ane egg inward this (It is optional) also mix it well.

Your pack is ready, apply this mask all over your tangled hair. Cover alongside shower cap also larn out it for ii hours.

After ii hours rinse your pilus alongside manifestly body of water also allow it dry. Apply unsmooth fossil oil on your dry out out pilus also larn out it for ane night. You post away shampoo your pilus following day.



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