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Healthy Abode Order Made Cherry-Red Wine | Salubrious Grape Wine | Settlement Food

Grapes are rich inwards many antioxidants
Red Wine May Lower the Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke
Antioxidants inwards Red Wine  protects our peel equally good equally prevents it from ageing
Consumption of Red wine testament cutting downwards the straight chances of developing type 2 diabetes inwards women.


Seeded or Seedless Grapes/Black Grapes
Sugar usally double the quantity of grapes equally good equally besides depends on the sweetness grapes used
Yeast (for activation) equally good equally luke warm H2O to dissolve it
Purified water
Luke Warm Water – 1/2 Cup (for dissolving the yeast)

Preparation Method:

1. Clean the Glass Jar amongst hot H2O equally good equally keep it to sundry
2. Take distilled H2O or Boiled equally good equally cooled water
3. wash the grape equally good equally accept away the stalks.
4. Transfer the  grapes into drinking drinking glass jounce equally good equally mash them using wooden spatula or musical beat out them amongst your hands equally good equally add together together refined saccharify equally good equally the dissolved yeast to the jar.
5. Add some wheat(it give the sack besides crushed)
6. Mix everything amongst Purified water. Keep the jounce closed equally good equally airtight for unopen to 21 days.
7. You testament observe air bubbles forming 
8. Stir the mixture amongst a wooden spatula every twenty-four hours for 21 days equally good equally closed the lid
9. After 21 days, strain the grape pulp mixture into another vessel using a strainer equally good equally together with thence to a drinking drinking glass bottle.

Now Red wine is pose upwardly to serve.

If required the fermentation give the sack concur out further continued for another 21 days......



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